Thursday, January 21, 2010


Christian persecution is increasing all over the world, including America. If we are truly going to represent Jesus, we must know how He would have us respond.

When I question the biblical validity of such views as, “We need to fight for our Christian rights!” “We should shoot ‘em if they march into our homes, threatenin’ our families!” my query is customarily countered with a flaming arsenal of Old Testament examples as “supporting evidence” for this stance. Desiring Truth, I present this challenge; “Show me in Scripture where Jesus teaches that seeking political support or aggression is the answer.” Most leave the conversation frustrated, irritated and at times even angry as a result of attempting to defend their case when there are no such instances!

However, while Jesus never advocated passively allowing evil activity to happen,
His response was far more powerful than retaliation
much more aggressive than passivity.
He responded with Love
He teaches His followers to dispel evil with good.
(Luke 6:27-29; Romans 12:17, 21; 1Thessalonians 5:15; 1Peter 3:9).

According to God’s Word, suffering for Jesus’ sake is what we are called to (1 Peter 2:19-23) and is to be considered a privilege! Why do Christians have such difficulty grasping that this radically powerful response of Love is the Law which Jesus prescribes? Is it because we have forgotten who our Master is?

Some years ago a very unusual experience had befallen a little Baptist church in Russia. It seemed that the members of their church had been so harassed and hampered by certain government officials that they seriously considered closing the church. But before taking that final, sad step, they decided on one further procedure. They would write a letter to the Prime Minister in Moscow, Nikita Khruschev, reminding him of the freedom of worship allowed by the constitution, and asking for his personal intervention on their behalf. To their surprise, their letter was answered; and to their greater surprise, it invited them to send a delegation to Moscow and to present their case direct to the Prime minister himself…

The delegation arrived at the Kremlin on the appointed day, and were ushered in to Nikita Khruschev’s office… After the customary introductions, the leader of the delegation presented their case. He thanked the Prime Minister for receiving them, and proceeded to plead for his intervention on their behalf. When he had finished speaking, it is said that the Prime Minister opened a drawer in his desk, and from that drawer took out a copy of the Bible. They noticed that it was already open. He asked them to listen as he read to them a paragraph from the Gospels – a paragraph where Jesus forewarns His disciples to expect persecution, and how they would be hounded out of towns and thrown out of synagogues for His sake. Khruschev then turned to them brusquely: “Well, and is this not what your Master promises you?” They agreed that it was so. “Then why are you complaining?” he asked. The silence that ensued indicated that the censure was justified. He then sent them home, but with this word of advice: “If you really believe this Book, then you should never have come to me; you should have gone to your own Master.” – unknown author


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