Thursday, June 30, 2011

House Church Leaders Respond

As the power of God moves through the Philippines, preparing His people for that which is to come, He is raising up House Churches throughout the islands. While the institutional church seems to shy away from the issue, it seems that these communities of Jesus’ followers may be prepared to respond to the escalating numbers trapped in the sex-slave trade. Our anticipation is increasing as Father opens doors among the House Church leaders to visit with them about our concerns regarding this growing industry. We are humbled by the gracious hospitality being offered by these Brothers in Jesus and their families! What precious blessings from Father they are!

Brother Molong from Cebu: People to consider to visit on my recommendations are: Edwin and Norma Sarona, a couple who is reaching new generations and needs a lot of fathering and mothering. Located at north Luzon, Vigan City is where they live. It's a UNESCO member, a place that is full of history by Spanish people. You will love it there.

Next is Ambruce, located also in Luzon, who has bunches of housechurches around. About 30 of them. Young people also, but need some parenting. Been there twice and have seen their labor.

Eric Pangilinan in Baguio City, heard of it? Beautiful cold place in the mountains.

These location where Edwin, Ambruce and Eric are, you can go to on one trip as they are closer to each other. I can send you guys out there, and they can treat you as extended family.

Cebu is a missionary hub, as it is located in the center of the country and have easy access to go around the island. No traffic, it's the first tourist spot in the country, food of any kind is around, cheaper compared to some places, only 15 minute by jeepney hopping to every town and city, and it's all mountains and seas around that you can see. It's like New York, that has two bridges to hop into the next city from airport. It has 167 island and islets.

Before or after probably several of your trips around, we can go to a small white sand island and you can stay there for a week or two, and relax and hear Father.

Going to South of the country, we can send you to Butuan City, that's in Mindanao. Mike Tan and Ed Baulete who started new work for the new generation are there. In Bukidnon we have Ching Alquino, in Koronadal we have Joel Ouano. If you want to visit house churches in Muslim communities there is a Brother who works very closely to Eman. We can down from Cebu to Dumaguete, a small beautiful City; we can visit there with James.

Brother Art from Luzon: I can take you up to the Northern Provinces of La Union, Pangasinan & Baguio maybe before you fly to Cebu or when you come back from Cebu & I’ll take care of your accommodations. Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. That will give you some respite from the heat & warm weather in the Philippines. We'll connect you to other people while you’re here so I think you will have your schedule full.

Brother Eman from Luzon: I am willing to spend days with you and to help you to connect with my friends in different provinces. Just let me know specifically how many days are you going to spend in each region or province so that I can arrange your itinerary and ask my friends to host you.

Our house is open for you and for Gary. You can stay with us if you want to. We have no air condition room and no heater for the bath. If the Lord will provide the budget for the mattress before you come, then we will buy it. So there's no need for you to shoulder the cost. We also have an electric fan. It's more practical to stay with us than travelling. By the way, we also have no car to use but there are many public transportation available in the area.

We continue to wait on our Lord to see what He has in mind regarding these precious House Church communities and our concern for those trapped in sexual exploitation. I will share more as the Lord continues to reveal His plans.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ways of the Father's Family

Last week I shared with you questions which Gary and I posed to various contacts in the Philippines regarding the Organic Church and its role in responding to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I would like to share with you a response which we received.

"Christians, that is extended family of house churches, here started to move from house to house, a community, a "HUB" where we share EVERYTHING, things and finances; you name it. We don't "buy and sell" but "GIVE AND RECEIVE" because that's how a KINGDOM works - The "COUNTRY" of God.

We believe that if we really feel in love with those people to whom we minister then we should live 'among' them, just as Jesus lived 'among' us [John 1:14]. Being church may require also changing where you live. So we move as God is always moving.

Several of us are now living close together as FAMILY, we do things together 'everyday' and as we do it discussions about life happens, prayer happens all around.

We don't believe in getting a maid-servant and pay him/her as worker, as in the kingdom there is equality; apart from it is hierarchy.

We discuss among ourselves to 'temporarily adopt' one of the street kids or a prostitute and let him/her live among us here. Remember, 'house to house' not 'commune' - not two families living in one house, but each family lives in a different house separately yet close to each other to help, care and love and look for each other - warning each other everyday so that no one would be entangled by sin.

We refuse to do a 'hit and run' ministry like so called 'evangelisms' and 'outreaches', spewing words of God and tracts and say goodbyes and done. If church is a family then we cannot just leave them where they are.

Again, being church may change not just the way you think about Christianity but also change WHERE you live. So, an APOSTOLIC HUB is very important, it's a place and a family to newborn children of God where [me and my wife] older couples acts as spiritual father and mother figure. This is very different than feeding ministries, orphanages, where they have pastors, presidents and founders, staffs and teachers, yet none acts as spiritual parents. Malachi’s last verse is about 'turning the hearts of fathers to the children and children to their fathers' - talking about FATHERING AND MOTHERING your next generation, and LAST verse of the OT is (guess): CURSE. Scary... John the Baptist’s first message is the same - fathering and mothering. Reason?: To prepare the way of the Lord. Very important.

Of course when you and your husband come, we're gonna treat you not only as traveling apostles but also as family. Stay with us as we have a room 'made' for you. Wolfgang Simson first stayed in this room, you be next. As we give and receive, not buy and sell, our services are all free - we offer you our gifts and talents, food, fruits, and a nice ambiance! Room is aircon, wifi ready, bermuda grass around, organic veggies you eat every meal, and close to the beach where you can walk and swim everyday. And of course, we do what we feel the King leads us to do. It is important that you guys have a place called APOSTOLIC HUB, HELP one, two persons [not sponsored, as we don't sponsor a family, we don't have Christian 'neighbors' here, we are family]; let's put them in the hub for them to have a family - us.

As Gary and I read this dear Brother’s response, we were moved to tears. The Spirit of our Lord is obviously alive and moving amongst His people in Cebu. Father has heard our prayers and connected us with a dear Brother to whom His heart for His Family has been revealed. We are so excited to see what Father has in store for our visit in Cebu!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Church's Role in Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

I can not adequately express how the Spirit of Jesus has used the five weeks which I spent in the Philippines this past winter to stir my heart to respond in a deeper way to the tremendous needs there! While I was gone, the Lord was preparing Gary’s heart to join in the mission! In three weeks, we’re going to the Philippines together!

Through the years, the Lord has placed two essential issues on our hearts and He is beginning to reveal how they fit together.

1) Organic Church
2) Human trafficking and sexual exploitation

I’d like to share with you some questions which we believe that the Lord has placed on our hearts and that we’ve set before a number of contacts in the Philippines.

We’d like to get a better idea of what is happening on the streets and in the bars in the Philippines so far as ministry is concerned. What’s the involvement of the churches, if any? Who do we talk to in order to find out what ministry is already being offered, what works and what doesn’t?

Are there ministries reaching out to the men who are buying sex? If so, who are the contact people?

Is there any preventative ministry being done with the little girls on the streets selling roses and the boys selling cigs/Viagra, etc.? If so, how do we contact those people to get an idea of what is being offered?

We'd like to know more about what is happening there with the “house church movement” and where that is happening. We'd like to know more about your role in that, if any, and to obtain contact info for other house church leaders.

Are there any house churches that you are familiar with that are currently reaching out to those in prostitution or to the men who are buying women? What about reaching out to the “at risk” children? If there even interest in doing so?

We'd like to visit some of the provinces and get a good feel for what life is like there and how preventive ministry might be accomplished in those places. Who would be good contacts to visit in those provinces and even stay with over a period of time in order to accomplish this?

Are there any house churches living in community that you are aware of?

Where would some locations be for establishing a house church community – a place where:
• women/men and children could come live with that community and experience community/family life, be mentored etc.?
• there is enough property to build if there are not already buildings?
• a self-sustaining lifestyle through organic gardening, raising livestock, etc could be demonstrated and lived out?
Who would we talk to about such places?

If you don’t have answers to some or any of these questions, do you know who we should contact for answers?

It is our desire to be obedient to the Lord in this and all things. Please pray for us, as the Lord leads.

God's Blessings, Bonnie Jaeckle

We are sensing that the Lord is directing us into His plan regarding these two issues. In future articles, I will be sharing how this is all unfolding and keeping you updated on what we see as the Lord reveals it.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yes! Spring is here! I love it! However, it seems that all the lingering residue of the closed-in months of winter is more evident with radiant Spring sun shining on it! Dust bunnies, cobwebs and paw prints, oh my! I need to do some deep cleaning!

Even as a young girl I recognized that momma had her hands full trying to raise six children alone, work away from home and maintain our household. Consequently, I liked to do whatever I could to help her. Plus, I simply liked being by her side! We were often partners in ironing, cooking, sweeping, etc. My least favorite job, however, was dusting! I just didn’t quite understand the necessity of the tedious process. Out of my weariness over the whole ordeal, one day I asked momma, “Why do we have to move all this stuff and then just put it back in the very same place again?”

While I’m still not real fond of dusting, I’m even less attracted to the idea of living in a toxic environment resulting from commercial cleaning products! It isn’t necessary to use products that irritate our skin, burn our eyes or damage our lungs in order to enjoy sparkling clean kitchen counters, cabinets, refrigerator shelves, blinds, moldings and fan blades. Replacing conventional cleaning products with something much healthier for my family and the environment is fun and inexpensive! With a few basic ingredients, it’s easy to create an all-purpose aromatic and disinfecting solution:

• 16 oz. spray bottle
• 14 oz. – 1:1 solution of distilled white vinegar and water
• 7 drops of tea tree essential oil
• 7 drops of lavender essential oil
• 7 drops of lemon essential oil

Not only does our body benefit from using essential oils in cleaning products, we’re doing a favor for the natural waterways and the precious wildlife our Creator has given us to enjoy when we eliminate the expensive, hazardous products on the market today.



The author of this article does not endorse everything represented on/in suggested links, books, etc. Each of us is accountable to God to weigh everything according to His Word.

All content of this article is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech. The author sells no hard products and earns no money from the recommendation of products. The information herein is presented for educational and commentary purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice from any licensed practitioner. The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This is best left to the Creator of the universe. In all health-related situations, “qualified healthcare professionals” should always be consulted. The author deems THE GREAT PHYSICIAN to be most qualified. The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this material.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Have you ever felt like everyone around you knows how to pray except you? I’m not exactly sure where I learned the criteria that I’ve accumulated through the years about prayer. While I didn’t learn it in my childhood home, as a young girl I did watch as others “in church” reverently bowed their heads and closed their eyes upon demand. Through the years I’ve also read a lot about prayer and every author seems to have their own set of guidelines to help the reader along in their “prayer life.”

“Stand up! Sit down! Fold your hands! Bow your head! Close your eyes! Kneel! Make a list! Let God lead! If it isn’t in tongues, it isn’t `in the Spirit’! If it’s in tongues, it’s of the devil! Talk! Listen! Contemplate! You must say, `In Jesus name’! Add `Father God’ before and after every sentence! Satan can’t read your mind! You must vocally stand against him!”

I’ve spent years trying to apply the guidelines of many spiritual leaders on prayer. I’ve been inwardly critical of those who weren’t following the “right” standards; “Oh, he can’t really be praying. Why, he doesn’t even have his eyes closed!” I’ve even gone so far as to lead retreats on prayers, as if I had it all figured out!

I’ve dutifully bowed my head & got on my knees, whispered & shouted, closed my eyes & looked toward heaven and contemplated & listened. The eventual result of all this effort was… I felt like screaming and pulling my hair out! The more I labored to apply what I had learned, the more confused I became. All these rules made my head spin! I don’t know, maybe I have spiritual ADHD, but all the “how tos” just don’t seem to work for me! I’ve gotten so frustrated that I’ve even gone through spells of “why bother?”

I’ve heard it said that, "a person’s intimacy with Jesus is based upon the depth of their prayer life." During a period of feeling pretty shallow intimacy with Jesus, I cried out to Him; “I have no clue how to pray!” I didn’t expect this response,

You are right. You don’t! And... no matter how much they act like they do, neither does anyone else! Intimacy with Me doesn’t come from self-effort! You can do nothing, including prayer, without Me!

In the same way also, the Spirit takes hold together with us in our weakness – we don’t know how we are to pray so that our prayers will correspond to the need, but the Spirit super-intercedes with deeply emotional heartfelt groanings. And he who searches the hearts knows what the Spirit has in mind, that the Spirit intercedes on behalf of the people devoted to God, in line with God’s plan [Romans 8:26-27].

You pray “fix this problem, heal that illness, protect them from injury, provide this and prevent that! How is it that you know what this or that person truly needs?

Talk about being humbled! I felt like Job must have felt when God asked of him, “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundations?” And you know…my response wasn’t much different than Job’s, “Father, forgive me. I’m sure that I have spoken of many things which I do not understand!”

I learned something on that day about prayer:

Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God God is in heaven and you are on earth,
so let your words be few

[Ecclesiastes 5:2].

I’m learning from the examples of Jesus in Scripture, especially His prayer on Gethsemane, My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, as you will (Matt. 26:39).

With Jesus as my teacher, I’m learning that

Prayer is a place in my relationship with God: • where pride is adandoned, humility adopted and dependecy upon Him is claimed. • of knowing that He has a panoramic view which I do not.
• of sharing my heart’s desire with Him.
• of surrendering my will for His.
• where I meet the Prince of Peace.
• where I am changed.

Although Scripture does tell us that we are to pray in Jesus’ Name [(John 14:13-14, 16:24, 26; Colossians 3:17], it doesn’t mean that the words are a magical addendum to be tagged onto every prayer. What matters is whether or not we acknowledge that there is nothing in us which deserves the right to stand before God! Instead, it is Jesus’ righteousness which has provided the way to our Father!

According to God’s Word there is no “correct” posture for prayer [Ex. 4:31, 1 Kings 8:22, 45, 2 Chron 20:18 and Matt. 26:39]. In fact, while communing with Jesus among other members of His Body, I find that I’m more aware of His presence while beholding His face in my brothers and sisters as we converse with Him and one another! Yes, that means I have my eyes open!

According to Scripture [James 1:1-4], God uses trials to test and strengthen our faith. When praying for ourselves or others, we need to consider: “Do I sincerely want them/myself to be sheltered from that which may be the necessary means to their/my maturity in faith? While God hates disease, divorce, poverty, etc., His greater concern is the depth of our reliance upon Him.

I become very uneasy in a setting where a group of people redundantly repeat a list of wants and wishes in prayer. While attempting to endure the babbling, which seems to go on ad infinitum, I used to feel guilty assuming segregation in my restlessness. I’ve come to understand however that God is not only unimpressed with our rambling; He likens it to pagan activity!

When you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard for their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him [Matthew 6:7-8].

No wonder I get restless! Why is prayer often reduced to such hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo when God simply desires that we include Him in our thoughts and conversations? If He is ever-present, why aren’t we continually [1 Thess. 5:17] addressing Him:

“Father, we need your wisdom.”
“You are wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom!”
“Jesus, what do you desire?”
“May our words and meditations be pleasing in your sight!”
“Abba, is there any other way?
“Lord, I surrender to your will!”

I have much more to learn about the beauty and simplicity of prayer. Yet, I am grateful for the freedom which God has granted me from the bondage of all the rules and find peace and joy in the simplicity.!

Bonnie Jaeckle