Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Although I didn’t fully understand why, I had been experiencing uneasiness regarding denominational labels prior to attending a Christian event where the speaker began the evening with asking for a show of hands from those representing various denominations; “How many Catholics are here tonight? Are there any Baptists? I bet we have some Presbyterians!” As the questioning continued, the repulsion to being compartmentalized by any religious label increased. I hoped that my denomination would be forgotten altogether.

I became lost in my Father’s presence and the revelation that in using a name other than the one my Husband, Jesus, had given me, I was being unfaithful to Him. While grieving my unfaithfulness, I was filled with a deep desire to be identified only as the Bride of Christ, acknowledging no other Name but His. His sweet peace flooded my heart with these reassuring words, “You don’t have to raise your hand. Remember, none of those names are yours anyway.”

As a young girl, I loathed my last name. It didn’t represent anything or anyone I wanted to be associated with. In fact, I dreamed of having lots of money for the purpose of changing it! During a particular time of distress over what my name represented, Jesus spoke these precious words, “Bonnie, don’t you realize that you don’t need money to change your Name? I have given you a new Name. You have My Name now. You are My daughter!”

There is peace and joy not only in being free from the tormenting connotations of a family name, but also in the renunciation of religious labels.

(Isa. 56:5, 62:1-12, 64:4, Eph. 3:15)

Longing for love from my daddy
Burdened with his name of shame
I dreamt of wealth, forever to change
The haunting of my father’s name

In my shame He could not keep silent.
The mouth of my Lord proclaimed,
“No longer will you be called ‘deserted’
I will give you an everlasting name.

As the Bride of Christ, you’ll be baptized
Into the power of My Precious Name
My life within you will grow stronger
Your salvation will shine like flame.”

“No other name but the name of Jesus.
No other name but the one which I gave
You have no other name, but your Bridegroom’s
Because there is no other name which saves!”

Yet, I was attracted to and deceived by others
Through the years, I claimed worldly names
Until my Husband exposed my adultery
Convicting me that I’d caused Him pain,

He said,
“Please, Treasure the Name of your Bridegroom
Renounce your marriage to all other names.
You are baptized in Me and no other man
You are My Bride, who has no other name.

I’ve crowned you with splendor and glory
Your righteousness is to shine out like the dawn
I long to rejoice over you with singing,
Please, dance for me with your white robe on.”

He said, “No other name but the name of Jesus.
No other name but the one which I gave
You have no other name, but your Bridegroom’s
because, there is no other name which saves!”

“You are so beautiful in your splendor and glory
Oh, how your righteousness shines like the dawn!”

I’m moved by His love, my white robe is flowing
As I dance before Him while singing this song;

“No other name but the Name of my Jesus.
No other name but the one which You gave
I have no other name, but that of my Bridegroom
Because there is no other name which saves!”

I’ll be called by no other name!
Because there is no other name which saves!


Copyright © 2008 by Bonnie Jaeckle

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Memorial Day is right around the corner. This celebration frequently stirs-up fond memories for most of us of the “beginning of summer”, family picnics, parades, visiting cemeteries, flying American flags, the first water activities of the year and the Indianapolis 500.

Formerly known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day was officially appointed May 30, 1868 to commemorates U.S. men and women who have been killed in military action. However, “according to Professor David Blight of the Yale University History Department, the first memorial day was observed in 1865 by liberated slaves at the historic race track in Charleston. The site was a former Confederate prison camp as well as a mass grave for Union soldiers who died in captivity. The freed slaves re-interred the dead Union soldiers from the mass grave to individual graves, fenced in the graveyard and built an entry arch declaring it a Union graveyard. This was a daring action for them to take in the South shortly after the North's victory. On May 30, 1868, the freed slaves returned to the graveyard with flowers they had picked from the countryside and decorated the individual gravesites, thereby creating the first Decoration Day. A parade by thousands of freed blacks and Union soldiers from the area was followed by patriotic singing and a picnic.”

While I certainly have no objections to remembering the 1,194,198 military service members killed in American Wars, I wonder why we don’t have a day of rememberance for the 20-40 million Native Americans needlessly annihilated or for the 15-20 million Africans who died in the slave trade, all for the purpose of American power, prosperity and imperialism?

In fact, as a country which claims to be “Christian”, I wonder why America has never set aside a day to remember and honor the estimated 70 Million Christians who have died for their faith or the 171,000 Chrisitans worldwide who are martyred each year?

I wonder, is this an indication that Americans believe that dying for one’s country is more important than demonstrating love to other human beings or dying for one’s faith in Jesus?


Thursday, May 14, 2009


The “American way” is to be independent and self-sufficient. I know. I lived it for most of my life. As a result of many experiences, I concluded early in life that I couldn’t depend upon nor trust others. So ... I set out to prove to myself and the world that I could handle life on my own.

I climbed the career ladder, ran my household and raised my son independently. I was a perpetual student and obsessive workaholic. I never asked for help and was too busy for relationships. I accomplished my goals and the world praised me for it.

I didn’t realize that this journey would lead me not only toward independence, but self-centeredness and self-absorption, as well. It always does. It is part of our sinful nature and never what God intended for His people. It was Satan who separated himself from God and convinced Adam and Eve to do the same. As a result, all of us lean toward this independent, isolated way of life.

Although I acknowledge that I don’t qualify for the role, I thought I was protecting myself from additional hurt. In reality, I was setting myself up for separation from God. I didn’t realize that when I vowed to never trust anyone again, I was subconsciously including the only One I could trust. The more self-sufficient I became, the less need I had for others, including Jesus. Independence always leads to putting Jesus and His Kingdom “on the back burner”.

The Holy Spirit has brought me to a deeper understanding of the Father’s will to build an eternal community and that

our life together as His followers is to be the expression of the fullness of Jesus. “….The assembly is, in fact, His body, and every individual contributes to bringing His body to a state of completeness.” [Eph. 1:23, The Source.]

There is no individualism in this!

Jesus never called His followers to be isolated, self-governing “All-American Stars”. Instead, He commanded us to lay our lives down for one another in love and to live in unity so that the world would know that we are His and that His Father sent Him [John 13:34-35, 15:12-13, 17:21].

Finally, I recognize that I can’t do it alone and that God never intended for me to. I am realizing how very incomplete I am without my brothers and sisters in Jesus. When we gather together, not just once a week, but as members of a community who depend upon, encourage and help one another daily, the love and life of Jesus is expressed.

Without unity:
everyone’s faith is weak,
• we all lack genuine knowledge of Jesus and
• the whole body remains immature [Ephesians 4:13].

Without unity, there is no life and the world is repulsed!

When Jesus observes His People in Ringgold County, what does He see? Are we living as a unified community? Is our love for each other so strong that we lay our lives down for one another? Is there genuine life amongst us or death as a result of independency and self-sufficiency? Do you suppose that the way in which we relate to one another convinces the world that we are His and that the Father truly did send His Son?


Friday, May 8, 2009


The Swine Flu Pandemic seems to be “the talk of the town”. Information about its symptoms and dangers is readily available, so let’s not go there. Instead, let’s see if we can shed some helpful light on this feverish panic. Our previous conversations (see about the CDC and Big Pharma should help us fit some of the inflated pieces more easily into place.

The Numbers:

According to the WHO (World Health Organization); as of April 30, there are only 257 reported cases of the Swine Flu worldwide with 8 deaths. Even if these numbers aren’t inflated as some WHO insiders say, the worldwide reported cases of this new virus does not warrant the scare tactics being employed. Remember that, despite the projections of millions of deaths, the bird flu virus killed 257 people worldwide since late 2003. 257 deaths from any disease, over the course of five years, does not constitute the fear that was stirred-up!

The “Treatment”:

Reportedly, the current swine flu virus responds only to Tamiflu. It’s been estimated that Big Pharma will rake-in up to $388 million from Tamiflu – not including sales as a result of a pandemic outbreak! With 12 million doses released from the government’s stockpile, as soon as the health emergency was declared, is it a coincidence that members of President Bush’s administration and the Board of Directors of the company which created Tamiflu happen to be the same people? (,

For a one-week prescription, this “wonder drug” reduces the duration of the Swine Flu by only 1-1.5 days for $135 - $190! Yet, its common side effects are not unlike the Swine Flu symptoms. The more serious side effects, however, are:
• Convulsions
• Delirium/delusions
• neuropsychiatric problems and brain infections (resulting in 14 deaths in children/teens which led Japan to ban Tamiflu for children in 2007).

Despite the added insert warning in 2006, "people with the flu, particularly children, may be at an increased risk of self-injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu….” and 1,800 reported adverse events since Tamiflu’s approval in 1999, the FDA did not begin investigating until 2007! (

The “Mystery”:

Since research indicates that this peculiar swine/avian/human flu strain is unlikely to occur naturally, where did it come from?

Army criminal investigators are investigating the possibility that disease samples are missing from the top biolab at Fort Detrick; a top scientist for the United Nations has examined and concluded that the current swine flu viruses are biological warfare agents.

In the meantime, despite the fact that just weeks ago, Baxter was under investigation for distributing seasonal flu vaccines contaminated with deadly live avian flu virus to 18 countries last December, Baxter has been elected to work with the WHO to produce a vaccine against this “mysterious” flu! This is even more alarming if one understands that the probability of mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible! (,,

Assuming that there will always be “mysterious” flus and vaccinations peddled as the proposed answer,

What are the best options:

• Optimize Vitamin D Levels (
• Increase Animal-based Omega-3.
• Eat Garlic.
• Diffuse Tea Tree Oil.
• Avoid Sugar/Processed Foods.
• Adequate sun exposure, rest and fluids.
• Reduce Stress.
• Wash Hands.
• Avoid Hospitals – unless emergent.
• Avoid Vaccines.


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