Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Although I didn’t fully understand why, I had been experiencing uneasiness regarding denominational labels prior to attending a Christian event where the speaker began the evening with asking for a show of hands from those representing various denominations; “How many Catholics are here tonight? Are there any Baptists? I bet we have some Presbyterians!” As the questioning continued, the repulsion to being compartmentalized by any religious label increased. I hoped that my denomination would be forgotten altogether.

I became lost in my Father’s presence and the revelation that in using a name other than the one my Husband, Jesus, had given me, I was being unfaithful to Him. While grieving my unfaithfulness, I was filled with a deep desire to be identified only as the Bride of Christ, acknowledging no other Name but His. His sweet peace flooded my heart with these reassuring words, “You don’t have to raise your hand. Remember, none of those names are yours anyway.”

As a young girl, I loathed my last name. It didn’t represent anything or anyone I wanted to be associated with. In fact, I dreamed of having lots of money for the purpose of changing it! During a particular time of distress over what my name represented, Jesus spoke these precious words, “Bonnie, don’t you realize that you don’t need money to change your Name? I have given you a new Name. You have My Name now. You are My daughter!”

There is peace and joy not only in being free from the tormenting connotations of a family name, but also in the renunciation of religious labels.

(Isa. 56:5, 62:1-12, 64:4, Eph. 3:15)

Longing for love from my daddy
Burdened with his name of shame
I dreamt of wealth, forever to change
The haunting of my father’s name

In my shame He could not keep silent.
The mouth of my Lord proclaimed,
“No longer will you be called ‘deserted’
I will give you an everlasting name.

As the Bride of Christ, you’ll be baptized
Into the power of My Precious Name
My life within you will grow stronger
Your salvation will shine like flame.”

“No other name but the name of Jesus.
No other name but the one which I gave
You have no other name, but your Bridegroom’s
Because there is no other name which saves!”

Yet, I was attracted to and deceived by others
Through the years, I claimed worldly names
Until my Husband exposed my adultery
Convicting me that I’d caused Him pain,

He said,
“Please, Treasure the Name of your Bridegroom
Renounce your marriage to all other names.
You are baptized in Me and no other man
You are My Bride, who has no other name.

I’ve crowned you with splendor and glory
Your righteousness is to shine out like the dawn
I long to rejoice over you with singing,
Please, dance for me with your white robe on.”

He said, “No other name but the name of Jesus.
No other name but the one which I gave
You have no other name, but your Bridegroom’s
because, there is no other name which saves!”

“You are so beautiful in your splendor and glory
Oh, how your righteousness shines like the dawn!”

I’m moved by His love, my white robe is flowing
As I dance before Him while singing this song;

“No other name but the Name of my Jesus.
No other name but the one which You gave
I have no other name, but that of my Bridegroom
Because there is no other name which saves!”

I’ll be called by no other name!
Because there is no other name which saves!


Copyright © 2008 by Bonnie Jaeckle

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