Friday, April 27, 2012

Buzz OFF! - Naturally of Course

Flies sure are attracted to warm moist environments, especially the skin of a horse! It disturbs me to see our beloved equine friends covered with these nasty vermins! Flies not only lay eggs on horses which can lead to parasitic infestations, the painful bites leave them predisposed to infection and other life-threatening illnesses. Shouting, “Buzz off!” at these blood-thirsty pests just doesn’t seem to be very effective!

While not every fly carries a disease nor will every bite cause your horse to get sick, as concerned horse owners we should take every possible precaution to prevent health problems for them. The solution seems easy doesn’t it; buy an insect repellant! However, while flies certainly are a health concern, chemical laden insecticides aren’t any less troubling! So, where do we turn?

After reviewing several excellent studies and other resources written by veterinarians and other equine experts on natural insect and parasite control,

I’ve developed this recipe which seems to shout, “Buzz OFF!” quite well:

Fill a spray bottle with 40 ounces of apple cider vinegar and 24 ounces filtered water. Add 2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin (emulsifier for the liquids and oils.), 2 tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth and ½ teaspoon each of the following organic essential oils: citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, cedarwood and neem.

Shake well before spraying and after every few squirts to keep ingredients mixed.

Note: Like people, horses can have an allergic reaction to any chemical, including essential oils. Do a sensitivity patch-test just to be safe.

Other helpful hints to fending off pesky insects which seem to be so attracted to horses are:

  • Vinegar – Known as a fly repellent, start with one tablespoon daily to their water or feed and increase to ¼ cup. Dilute 50% water if it causes loose stools. While most horses love it, start with a smaller amount if your horse seems to not be interested
  • Garlic – Affective against flies, ticks, mosquitoes and internal parasites, begin sprinkling a small amount on their feed and increase to ¾ ounces daily per 1,000# body weight. This may be gradually increased to 2 ¼ ounces per 1,000# if you notice that your horse is still being annoyed.

  • *Note: Before you increase the garlic dose, keep in mind that it may take several weeks for the odor to permeate all tissues.

  • Either find yourself a good poop scooper or raise a bunch of chickens that can forage through the manure. Not only does horse waste attract flies, harmful parasites propagate there. Proper manure management is a must!

The best source that I’ve found for quality essential oils, glycerin and garlic granules at a reasonable price is

Got horses being irritated by flies? Help ‘em out by mixing up some organic fly spray. While jeering at the flies may not help much, I believe that you’ll find the fly spray to be pretty effective.

Don’t let me steal your fun away though.

While you are spraying, go right ahead and shout,

“Buzz OFF” all you want!



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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do It Afraid!

A few years ago, my husband, Gary and I took a trip to New York. While there, Gary wanted me to see Niagara Falls. Having many walking trails, this was also a great place for our dog, Berea to get some exercise. There was only one obstacle; Berea is very uneasy around crowds of people and we had to pass through the busy visitors center in order to get to the trails! Knowing that she’d be fine after we made our way through the crowd, we headed out. Once we were inside, Berea was a bit resistant, so it was necessary to tug a bit more firmly on the leash than usual, but everything seemed to be going smooothly. Except… why was nearly all the visitors staring at me, whispering to one another and pointing my direction? Did I have food on my face? Was my shirt unbuttoned? Was toilet paper stuck to my shoe? What in the world were they looking at? I glanced back to check on Berea and found that she had all four legs sprawled-out and I was dragging her on her belly across the slick marble floor! Poor baby! With everything in her she wanted to be obedient, but this was so hard!

Has the Lord ever asked you to do something that you didn’t want to do?

Have you ever wanted to be obedient,

yet recognized that in doing so you would certainly suffer discomfort?

Have you ever resisted Him because you were afraid of the unknown?

I certainly have!

I’m reminded of when the Lord seemed to be directing me to leave my nursing career and to begin counseling women. I had worked very hard to achieve the status which I’d obtained in the nursing profession. Nursing was all I knew! Had I heard correctly?

At the time, I was managing a consulting business which I’d founded a number of years prior. I managed medical-legal cases from around the country, enjoyed the challenge and received a sizable income. Was I to let this all go? I concluded that surely the Lord didn’t intend for me to totally turn my back on it all and assumed that I should split my time between nursing and counseling. The counseling ministry grew quickly and before long I was faced with having to make a major decision. I knew the Lord was saying, “Bonnie, let go!” After completing the cases which I’d already committed to, I packed-up my entire medical-legal library, which was necessary for the work, and placed the boxes in a closet.

After a few months, the Lord spoke again very clearly, “You still aren’t trusting me.” Dumbfounded, I retorted, “What? What do you mean; I’m not trusting you? What more do you want!” “I expect you to trust Me and not a closet-full of books and your abilities. Get rid of them,” He insisted! I knew He was right. I’d kept my library in the event that “I might need to fall back on it someday.”

I will never forget the day that I loaded all of those boxes into my car, drove to the public library and donated my entire collection. Feeling as though my arms and legs were being ripped from my body, I cried all the way home! You see, my sense of worth and security was in my career and my Lord wanted me to come to recognize that I am worthy only because He says so and that my real security is in Him! He was stripping away yet another false god in my life!

Have you ever questioned your faith because you feared this or that? You know what?

I don’t think God expects us to not be afraid when we face the unknown.

Instead, I believe that He desires for us to “do it afraid.”

Just as I did with Berea, the Lord understands our fears and gently encourages us to press past them. Even if He has to drag us on our belly to the other side, when we see light at the end of the “visitors center” we are reminded… “He was with me all along and there was really nothing to fear!”



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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Have you ever considered what it will be like to die: How’s it going to happen? How old will I be? Who will see me through it? Maybe you have faced death in the past or maybe you are facing it right now! As a trauma nurse and having faced life-threatening health issues myself, I understand how frightening it can be. Consider with me, if you will, what I believe the Lord has shown me as I’ve wrestled through this issue.

From the moment we are conceived, we begin to face death. It could happen anytime from that point on. Yet, most of us become extremely anxious when an “expert” tells us, “You only have a short time to live” and we begin to take every measure possible in an attempt to “preserve ourselves.”

Traditional cancer “treatment” is a good example of this. Even the least medically minded person, if they would honestly consider it, would realize the devastating affects of chemotherapy. Why do we so readily assent to being injected with poisonous chemicals which wipe-out everything in their path, including healthy cells, in an effort to annihilate the unhealthy? When we consent to irradiating diseased cells, we are yielding to lethal doses of cancer-causing radiation! When we acquiesce to removing lymph nodes, our immune system, which is absolutely necessary to stand against the deadly “management” of cancer, is significantly altered! I’m not sure I understand …

Why are we willing to go to such illogically drastic measures
in a last-ditch effort to extend our lives
when we are clearly told,
Man’s days are determined;
you have decreed the number of his months
and have set limits he cannot exceed?
(Job 14:5)

Why do we squander what could be our last days consumed with running from one medical appointment to another? Why do we choose to expend those precious moments in a medicated daze unable to enjoy them or our loved-ones? Why do we mindlessly chase after “the most successful treatment available,” leaving our loved ones in financial ruin? The traditional medical approach to cancer is presented as being concerned about “quality of life.” Oh really? For whom? I’ve never witnessed a cancer patient experiencing any quality of life and this certainly can’t be referring to the lives of their loved ones who ride the medical merry-go-round along side of them!

“Oh, chemotherapy and radiation cured me of cancer,” some might say. I respectfully disagree. In my humble opinion, the fact that you survived the barbaric, money making scheme is a miracle of God and a reminder of exactly Who is in control of the number of days that you live!

I know people who have been told by their doctor that they have only a few days left to live and they are still alive, years later. On the other hand, others have been given a “clean bill of health” and they go home and die the same day! I cared for a man who held a shotgun in his mouth, aimed toward his skull and pulled the trigger. When he arrived at our trauma center, he was sitting up-right on the gurney. From every view, the x-rays revealed buck-shot scattered throughout his skull, yet he was experiencing no ill effects from the trauma whatever! Laughing he said, “I can’t even do this right!” I still wonder today if this event caused him to consider that no one and nothing can do anything to shorten or extend our days!

I recall having a heart-to-heart conversation with my son, Jake just before he left for combat in Afghanistan. Through tears, I reminded him and myself that no matter where he is or what he is doing, his days are already numbered. With all the assurance within me, I recited Psalm 139:15-16 -

When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

While Jake was home on leave, a military brother was killed filling the position which Jake normally held!

Show me, O Lord,
my life’s end and the number of my days;
let me know how fleeting is my life.

Don’t misunderstand me to say that we shouldn’t be wise in how we care for ourselves nor was I suggesting that Jake stand out in the middle of the battlefield daring the “enemy” to shoot him. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, so we must honor God with our bodies (1 Corinthians6:19-20)! What I am saying is,

In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.
Job 12:10



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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Typically the “Easter” focus in the Church is on the amazing miracle of Jesus being raised from the dead. Yes, He has risen! He has risen indeed! Hallelujah! Yet, are we truly aware of the unfathomable miracle that we too have died and been resurrected? If so, why aren’t we also proclaiming this glorious miracle on “Easter” morning, or any other morning, for that matter? Is it that Tozer is accurate in saying,

“Among the plastic saints of our times, Jesus has to do all the dying,
And all we want to hear is another sermon about his dying”?

Scripture clearly tells us,

I have been crucified with Christ;
And it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me;
And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God,
Who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

Galatians 2:20

In order to have been raised into new life, I had to have been dead! As a chosen one of God, I have always been in Christ, including during His crucifixion and resurrection. Instead of rejoicing in this fact, most “Easter” morning services draw attention, in one way or another, to believers needing to “die to self” in response to Christ’s death for them. If we have already died and have been resurrected, if it were possible, why would it be necessary that we die again? Did Jesus fall short in what He accomplished on our behalf? I’d like to share with you this brief note which speaks very succinctly to this issue –


Over the last few years, I’ve read a lot of posts on Facebook that use the phrase “dying to self,” and other related concepts. The implications of taking up our cross daily and following Jesus are indeed vital. Here, I would like to call attention to a crucial reality that must be the vine of all the branches of life in Christ.

In order for us to pursue Christ in “dying to self” we must first understand that we are already dead! Believers were identified with Christ at every point in His self-giving for us. When Jesus was crucified – we were crucified! When He was buried – we were buried! When He was raised from the dead -- we were raised with Him! When Christ ascended to the Father -- we went with Him to be seated in the heavenlies.

Paul noted, “knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him” (Romans 6:6). The believer does not and can not put the self-life to death. No, we are already dead because we were there with Christ when He died. But we are not left in death. The emphasis falls on us being raised to newness of life because He was raised on the third day.

There is all the difference in the world between us making efforts to die to self, and us taking up our cross daily as those knowing that we are already dead, and experiencing the living, resurrected Christ expressing Himself through our innermost being. The one leads to frustration, bondage and performance-based religion. The other leads to a life of love and freedom in which the self-life is increasingly abandoned.

Christ says to us,
“In Me, you are already dead, buried and resurrected;
now live that out by faith in each day that I give to you!”

The Law said, “do this and live.” Jesus says, “I am alive in you, now pursue life in the Son.” Boiled down, Paul said, “You have the Spirit of Life, now walk in step with the Spirit.”

Many sermons, books and podcasts about living the “Christian life” have been consumed by saints. The tragedy is that such sources often communicate that the believer needs more than Christ -- “you need to tithe,” “you need the baptism of the Spirit so that you can speak in tongues,” “you need to fast,” you need to follow this scheme or formula.

However, Paul stated that believers are “complete in Christ.” Of course, a growth process is involved, but growth results organically from the branch deriving life from its attachment to the vine. Paul could tell the Philippians to “work out their salvation” only because it was the Lord “working in them to will and do His good pleasure.” A newborn infant has a lot of maturing to do, but it is “complete” at birth – everything is resident in the little child to become a full grown adult. We bear fruit by abiding in the Vine. We can do nothing without Him. As Kat Huff noted, “We cannot even die without Him. How humbling is that?”
– by Jon Zens

For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God
(Colossians 3:3).

A sermon focus only on the death and resurrection of Christ is only half of the story and ultimately feeds into the bondage of self-effort! May I encourage you to stop trying to do something which Jesus already accomplished! Instead, make your celebration complete by basking in the freedom of the position His death bought for you and begin proclaiming,

“I have risen! I have risen indeed! Hallelujah!”

As you live in this freedom, you will find that the self whom you have worked so hard to eradicate… will little by little slough away.


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