Thursday, June 30, 2011

House Church Leaders Respond

As the power of God moves through the Philippines, preparing His people for that which is to come, He is raising up House Churches throughout the islands. While the institutional church seems to shy away from the issue, it seems that these communities of Jesus’ followers may be prepared to respond to the escalating numbers trapped in the sex-slave trade. Our anticipation is increasing as Father opens doors among the House Church leaders to visit with them about our concerns regarding this growing industry. We are humbled by the gracious hospitality being offered by these Brothers in Jesus and their families! What precious blessings from Father they are!

Brother Molong from Cebu: People to consider to visit on my recommendations are: Edwin and Norma Sarona, a couple who is reaching new generations and needs a lot of fathering and mothering. Located at north Luzon, Vigan City is where they live. It's a UNESCO member, a place that is full of history by Spanish people. You will love it there.

Next is Ambruce, located also in Luzon, who has bunches of housechurches around. About 30 of them. Young people also, but need some parenting. Been there twice and have seen their labor.

Eric Pangilinan in Baguio City, heard of it? Beautiful cold place in the mountains.

These location where Edwin, Ambruce and Eric are, you can go to on one trip as they are closer to each other. I can send you guys out there, and they can treat you as extended family.

Cebu is a missionary hub, as it is located in the center of the country and have easy access to go around the island. No traffic, it's the first tourist spot in the country, food of any kind is around, cheaper compared to some places, only 15 minute by jeepney hopping to every town and city, and it's all mountains and seas around that you can see. It's like New York, that has two bridges to hop into the next city from airport. It has 167 island and islets.

Before or after probably several of your trips around, we can go to a small white sand island and you can stay there for a week or two, and relax and hear Father.

Going to South of the country, we can send you to Butuan City, that's in Mindanao. Mike Tan and Ed Baulete who started new work for the new generation are there. In Bukidnon we have Ching Alquino, in Koronadal we have Joel Ouano. If you want to visit house churches in Muslim communities there is a Brother who works very closely to Eman. We can down from Cebu to Dumaguete, a small beautiful City; we can visit there with James.

Brother Art from Luzon: I can take you up to the Northern Provinces of La Union, Pangasinan & Baguio maybe before you fly to Cebu or when you come back from Cebu & I’ll take care of your accommodations. Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. That will give you some respite from the heat & warm weather in the Philippines. We'll connect you to other people while you’re here so I think you will have your schedule full.

Brother Eman from Luzon: I am willing to spend days with you and to help you to connect with my friends in different provinces. Just let me know specifically how many days are you going to spend in each region or province so that I can arrange your itinerary and ask my friends to host you.

Our house is open for you and for Gary. You can stay with us if you want to. We have no air condition room and no heater for the bath. If the Lord will provide the budget for the mattress before you come, then we will buy it. So there's no need for you to shoulder the cost. We also have an electric fan. It's more practical to stay with us than travelling. By the way, we also have no car to use but there are many public transportation available in the area.

We continue to wait on our Lord to see what He has in mind regarding these precious House Church communities and our concern for those trapped in sexual exploitation. I will share more as the Lord continues to reveal His plans.


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