Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ways of the Father's Family

Last week I shared with you questions which Gary and I posed to various contacts in the Philippines regarding the Organic Church and its role in responding to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I would like to share with you a response which we received.

"Christians, that is extended family of house churches, here started to move from house to house, a community, a "HUB" where we share EVERYTHING, things and finances; you name it. We don't "buy and sell" but "GIVE AND RECEIVE" because that's how a KINGDOM works - The "COUNTRY" of God.

We believe that if we really feel in love with those people to whom we minister then we should live 'among' them, just as Jesus lived 'among' us [John 1:14]. Being church may require also changing where you live. So we move as God is always moving.

Several of us are now living close together as FAMILY, we do things together 'everyday' and as we do it discussions about life happens, prayer happens all around.

We don't believe in getting a maid-servant and pay him/her as worker, as in the kingdom there is equality; apart from it is hierarchy.

We discuss among ourselves to 'temporarily adopt' one of the street kids or a prostitute and let him/her live among us here. Remember, 'house to house' not 'commune' - not two families living in one house, but each family lives in a different house separately yet close to each other to help, care and love and look for each other - warning each other everyday so that no one would be entangled by sin.

We refuse to do a 'hit and run' ministry like so called 'evangelisms' and 'outreaches', spewing words of God and tracts and say goodbyes and done. If church is a family then we cannot just leave them where they are.

Again, being church may change not just the way you think about Christianity but also change WHERE you live. So, an APOSTOLIC HUB is very important, it's a place and a family to newborn children of God where [me and my wife] older couples acts as spiritual father and mother figure. This is very different than feeding ministries, orphanages, where they have pastors, presidents and founders, staffs and teachers, yet none acts as spiritual parents. Malachi’s last verse is about 'turning the hearts of fathers to the children and children to their fathers' - talking about FATHERING AND MOTHERING your next generation, and LAST verse of the OT is (guess): CURSE. Scary... John the Baptist’s first message is the same - fathering and mothering. Reason?: To prepare the way of the Lord. Very important.

Of course when you and your husband come, we're gonna treat you not only as traveling apostles but also as family. Stay with us as we have a room 'made' for you. Wolfgang Simson first stayed in this room, you be next. As we give and receive, not buy and sell, our services are all free - we offer you our gifts and talents, food, fruits, and a nice ambiance! Room is aircon, wifi ready, bermuda grass around, organic veggies you eat every meal, and close to the beach where you can walk and swim everyday. And of course, we do what we feel the King leads us to do. It is important that you guys have a place called APOSTOLIC HUB, HELP one, two persons [not sponsored, as we don't sponsor a family, we don't have Christian 'neighbors' here, we are family]; let's put them in the hub for them to have a family - us.

As Gary and I read this dear Brother’s response, we were moved to tears. The Spirit of our Lord is obviously alive and moving amongst His people in Cebu. Father has heard our prayers and connected us with a dear Brother to whom His heart for His Family has been revealed. We are so excited to see what Father has in store for our visit in Cebu!


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