Thursday, October 15, 2009


I recognize that other than what I’ve shared in my articles, many of my readers know little about me, including my intentions. While it is never my purpose to be judgmental, argumentative nor disrespectful, I must be faithful in speaking in love what I believe is Truth. As a result, I’m aware that a number of my articles have created some controversy, including the one regarding the Diagonal Community Church.

If I were a member of Diagonal Community Church, only a few years ago I certainly may have responded negatively to an article such as I wrote. I would have wondered, “Who is this woman and what right does she have telling us what to do?” However, because God has recently brought me to a more clear understanding of His Kingdom and my relationship with and responsibility to all of its other citizens, my response today would be different.

Recently Mr. T, in an article published in this newspaper, offered a response to my concerns. Maybe drawing out some of his thoughts will help to explain where I was coming from in my article. Consider with me, if you would that

as a citizen of the U.S., Mr. T believes it is his right and responsibility to voice his concerns about other U.S. citizens making a decision to release a man from jail to attend a ball game. Yet, Mr. T believes that a citizen of God’s Kingdom has no place in voicing their concerns about the decisions of other Kingdom citizens.

Is it true, that as citizens of God’s Kingdom,
we have “no say in the matters” of other Kingdom citizens?
Is that the kind of Kingdom God is establishing?
Wouldn’t this be a “sad commentary” of God’s people?

Isn’t it possible that every decision made by His citizens has an effect on His entire Kingdom? Could it be that at times God uses one of His citizens to reveal His will to another? If so, don’t we have a responsibility to prayerfully consider this counsel? What if the counsel is from the Lord? [Proverbs 12:15; 1:20-33]

Although my cautions will likely have little influence upon the decisions of Diagonal Community Church, God’s Word certainly should. Mr. T describes church as: “… a place where people choose to gather and worship in their own way, to celebrate life and feel the joy of fellowship.” However, I believe that we would be hard pressed to find Mr. T’s definition in God’s Word. In fact, God isn’t interested at all in providing a place or opportunities for people to “worship in their own way.” Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for such ideas [Mark 7:1-9]. He demands that we worship according to His Word! [John 4:24]

While I’m comfortable knowing that my readers may not always agree with me, it concerns me that the people of God have often allowed “what serves them best” to hinder them from diligently seeking Him and His Word until unanimously convinced of His leading in their service to Him.

The children of God who assemble at Diagonal Community Church are my brothers and sisters in Jesus. I’m genuinely concerned for them and desire that they be in God’s will. Regardless of what decision they make, I will continue to love and pray for them.


P.S. For those who may not have had a chance to read Mr. T’s comments, you may read them at this blogspot under "MR. T'S COMMENTS.

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