Tuesday, October 6, 2009


MY VIEW - By Mr. T


I have to admit that after hearing the news last week, I really felt there was no way what I heard was what was said. Sadly, I heard correctly. A man in jail was released to attend a Kansas City Royals game. I'm betting most of you heard that one. I found that one really hard to believe. What has happened to our legal system that an individual serving time in jail is allowed to leave jail to attend a ballgame? There is no justifiable reason for this one. I guess it is more important that one attends a ballgame than serving jail time. Does it really make any difference that he had this planned for a long time or that his favorite team was playing in KC? He broke the law, was sentenced to jail, but had more important things to do that stay in jail. Sure seems to be a sad commentary on those individuals involved in this decision.

Finally, I want to throw in a comment about our decision on building or renovating our church. A church is certainly more than a building, and a building is not necessary to have a church. However, a church certainly represents more than just a building. It is a place where people choose to gather and worship in their own way, to celebrate life and feel the joy of fellowship. If the congregation decides that is what serves them best, then that is their choice. Those not involved in the church really have no say in the matter.

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