Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simply Udder-Full

I sneak a little dab of molasses into our dairy goat’s “lactation supplements”.  She not only loves it, it’s proving to be quite effective!  Peggy’s now producing so much milk that it’s difficult to keep up! 

Brother Art is making me a cheese press; however, while waiting for it to be completed, the freezer and refrigerator shelves are lined with jars full of delicious, creamy milk.  Maybe I should go into business selling my herbal milk-enhancing concoction and call the product, Simply Udder-Full!

A few days ago, I decided that I had to do something with some of this milk!  So, I made cottage cheese which does not require a press.  What an easy & fun project.  No more hormone, antibiotic-filled cottage cheese is gonna make it’s way into this house!

Hey!  I have an idea!  I could develop a full line of dairy products:  Simply Udder-Full Cottage Cheese, Simply Udder-Full Cheddar, Simply Udder-Full Swiss, etc!  OK.  OK.  One step at a time.  For now…. perfecting the Cottage Cheese is good enough!

I’ll give you the basics of my Simply Udder-Full Cottage Cheese secrets, if you promise not to tell:

1 Gallon Simply Udder-full Milk
1/8 Cheese Rennet Tablet (not Junket)
2 Tbsp. “warm to your wrist” water

Heat milk in a long, shallow, non-aluminum pan (my 15.5” x 9.5” x 3.5” Stainless steel roaster works great) over medium-low burner until it feels warm to your wrist.  Crush the tablet in the warm water and stir to dissolve.  Stir warm rennet water into warm milk.  Make sure that you stir from every angle and in every corner of your pan in order to mix thoroughly.  In approximately 30-45 minutes, touch the “milk” gently with the tip of a sharp knife.  A miracle should have occurred; the “milk” should have gelled.  It is now called “curds”.  Draw a long knife through the curd vertically and then horizontally to make about ½” squares.  Make certain that you cut all the way through to the bottom of the pan.  The squares will begin to giggle and the liquid whey will begin to rise to the surface. Drain the curds in a colander lined with butter muslin or cheesecloth.  Squeeze more whey out by using the pressure of your hands.  Keep checking the consistency, being careful not to make the cheese too dry.  Add salt to taste.  Refrigerate

Tips:  I prefer butter muslin which is thicker and sturdier than cheesecloth.  The muslin can be rinsed and then sterilized in boiling water and reused multiple times.  I’ve found the most economical cheese rennet and butter muslin at

I’ve tweaked these steps a bit to develop my secret recipe, however, this is enough information to get you started making your own cottage cheese in a matter of minutes!  I promise; it’ll be close to being Simply Udder-full!


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