Thursday, April 4, 2013

Creation and Girls with Power Tools

As a young girl, I followed my older brothers around, wanting to be involved in all that they did.  Being mechanical, yet having very little resources to work with, they were always trying to make something out of nothing.  It wasn’t uncommon to find them under the hood of a car or building something from scrap, etc.  I was often right next to them wanting to help even if it meant being their “gopher”.  I was more than willing to “go fer this...” and “go fer that...” in order to be included in their activity.

Consequently, I developed an interest in power tools, mechanics and building.  However, I was pretty young at the time, so I wasn’t really ready for much “hands-on” opportunities.  As I grew older, my interests in these skills never changed.  In high-school, I informed the school counselor that I intended to register for “Industrial Arts” classes.  However, in those days girls weren’t allowed in such male oriented programs, so… the counselor kindly re-directed me toward “Home Economics” along with the other girls.

It wasn’t that I minded home-making activities.  Momma did a great job of teaching me about cooking, sewing, etc. and I enjoyed it, but I also wanted to learn how to fix my car, do home repairs and use POWER tools!

Although I often requested electric tools for gifts through the years, somehow my “tool shop” was relegated to a drawer in the kitchen designated as “Mom’s tool drawer”.  While I always treasured and protected my little hand tools from sticky fingers in the household, my “need” for POWER tools never really got fulfilled!  Recently, I’ve been reminded to never give-up hope!

My nephew lives next door and has a huge, heated shop with all the POWER tools a girl could ever dream of!  What he doesn’t have, my brother, Art does!  Not only that, Art is an excellent and patient teacher!  I’m learning to use drills, saws, torches, grinders and all sorts of other fun tools!

Currently we are re-building a horse drawn disc.  We’ve disassembled two well used discs, rescued the best parts from each one and are making a “new” one.  In this throw-away world, there are few things more rewarding than taking “a piece of junk” that someone else tossed aside and turning it into something useable and valuable!

When we disassembled the discs’ bearing hubs, we discovered oak bushings.  What an invention!  However, over time they had become worn and needed to be replaced.  Obviously, we can’t just run to the local farm implement store and purchase such things.  So… we got the saw out, cut some blocks, drilled through the center, chiseled-out the core and carved new bushings.  What fun!

Why do these projects bring so much enjoyment?  It seems that we were created for such things.  It’s difficult for me to imagine that the Creator of this universe intended for us to mass-produce stuff.  Personally, I know of no one who’s ever given any indication that they enjoyed their assembly line job.  Additionally, it seems that those who make things find far greater joy in possessing and giving than those who have the resources to purchase whatever they want.  The joy seems to be in the creating and seeing the fruits of our labors.

Scripture tells us that Father fashioned “the heavens and the earth in all their vast array”. 

Obviously, even our Creator likes POWER “tools”!
Consider this; the sun is so powerful that
it would take the gross national product of the United States for 7 million years …
for your local power company to run the sun for a mere second.”
– James B. Kalen, Astronomy, (New York: HarperCollins, 1994), 312.
Nothing can escape the power of God’s sun!

I can just imagine Father busy about creating… “I think I’ll breathe a little sun into existence over here and –umm- add a sparkle of light over there.  Oh, wow!  How about a touch of water in this spot and a bit of land in that?  Perfect!  Hey; I have an idea!  Now that I have some dirt, I think I’ll use it to make a creature in My image.”

Scripture says that after He completed the sixth day of creation, Father stood back and said something like, “Look at that!  I made that!  That is cool” (Genesis 1:31)!  There isn’t any wonder why we find such joy in what we create.  After all, we were made in our Creator’s image.  Hey… no wonder I like POWER tools!


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