Thursday, July 26, 2012


A number of years ago, I had the privilege of having my cousin, Missie live with me for a short period.  During that time, she was the “right-hand man” in my Medical-Legal Consulting business.  Not only did our strengths and weaknesses compliment one another as working partners, we had a lot of fun in the process!  It wasn't unusual for one or the other of us to break the tension of what could often be an intense undertaking with some kind of shenanigan.

While traveling together one day, we stopped to use the restroom.  At the rest area, we waited in line for our turn.  Two stalls opened up simultaneously and we took our respective positions.  The day was likely a stress-filled one and I concluded that it would do us both some good if we had something to laugh about, so... after I finished my task, I stood on the toilet seat, hung over the stall wall and said, “Hey, Lady!”  Much to my chagrin, it was not my cousin in the stall next to me!

While the poor victim of my unruly humor grabbed her knees and threw herself across her lap in an effort to protect her personal privacy, my cousin nearly fell off her throne laughing in the next stall over!

Obviously, I do not always prayerfully consider all things when making decisions; instead, I sometimes rely on my own senses!

I now had a new decision to make that would affect both me and this frightened lady:

  • Should I hang out here over the stall trying to explain and offer an apology?
    • She’d likely not appreciate that!
  • Should I try to sneak out of the restroom, hoping that she doesn’t come out and greet me eye to eye?
    • I was so befuddled that I wasn’t sure that I was ready for that!
  • Should I slide down to the toilet and quietly sit there until she leaves?
    • Right or wrong, on the spur of an embarrassing moment, I concluded that this was the best option for both of us!

When we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, isn’t it common for us to shoot from the hip rather than taking time to consider our best option?  More times than not the best policy is to sit quietly and pray,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
Do not be wise in your own eyes…
Proverbs 3:7a

I was reminded in this situation that my fleshly understanding is not trustworthy.  Isn’t it ironic what circumstances God chooses to use to reiterate that our focus always needs to be on the Him and His ways?  Would I be remiss, however, to admit that I would have loved to have been a little mouse listening as the victim of the scene recounted this story to her family and friends?


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