Thursday, July 21, 2011


Fri. July 8 – Gary spent the morning visiting with Peter while Molong and I chatted. about many deep things. Molong’s wisdom is far beyond his years! I taught Lisa how to knit. She’s a fast learner!!! I promised to teach Lisa how to bake bread and to make an American dish. So... in the afternoon we went to the market to purchase supplies for bread making and beef stew. I had a great visit with Albert about organic gardening and canning! It is so refreshing to visitng with a young man so eager to learn!

Sat. July 9 - We have had many deep and intimate conversations with Molong & Lisa. Even after such a short time my heart over flows with love for them. Lisa calls me “Mommy” and my heart leaps every time I hear her say it. I’ve noticed that I can’t help but “mother” them – it seems so very natural to embrace them under my wing.

The evening was spent with extended family and community “members”. Lisa finished knitting a cell phone carrier. She’s so excited! She already has “customers” wanting her product!

Sun July 10 - A few days ago, I wrote “I suppose it is difficult to understand why we would travel so far to "just be with people". I treasure this response from a dear brother –

“I know someone who traveled from the glory of His Father,
to be with people, talk about life within the kingdom of God
-- such idle indulgence, don't you think?  ”

We received word this morning that the Philippine House Church “movement” is seeking incorporation! My heart hurts! I cried for the people whom God has so powerfully moved among here. Can we expect to remain organic while registering to be institutionalized? Can we expect the Spirit of God to remain among us when we marry ourselves to the world’s systems? When we begin to select kings (presidents, board members etc) to rule our activities have we not rejected the Kingship of God? How is it that we can see the destruction of institutionalizing our Kingdom fellowship but not our Kindgom work? Attempting to incorporate the kingdom work of God will always lead to establishing a kingdom outside of the Kingdom of God.

Once a movement crystalizes into an institution the radicalness of the movement’s founder is discouraged. Most founders do not mean to reform or dismantle one institution only to establish another. Their task is to question authority, to deconstruct the powers and to confront government.
When preachers say, “Be like Jesus!” they usually don’t mean this one.
The morale is: Question authority, even if it hurts.

I had the thrill of cooking an American dish for the community here and extended family members. The afternoon and evening was filled with wonderful fellowship, testimonies, tears and laughter! What joy there is to look one direction and watch the children play and hear them laugh! How exciting it is to look another direction and observe young men and women tenderly discipling one another. What pleasure there is in visiting with brothers and sisters from around the world about what Jesus has accomplished for us and the freedom there is in experiencing it in Kingdom living together.

Molong was attempting to teach me a few words in Cebuano. I should have known better than to trust him!  One of the words he had chosen was “handsome” - or so I thought. In my efforts to learn, I clearly and cautiously pronounced the word while looking at the young man sitting next to me. As it turned out, Molong was teaching me to say, “ugly”! Yep…. I looked this precious young man in the eye and announced, “You are U.G.L.Y”! Everyone started laughing and the young man said in English, “You are ugly!” Now….I’m thinking that I had just complimented him and in return he’s telling me that I’m ugly?! Like a momma, I told him that he needed to respect his elders! As we recalled this scene later in the evening, we all laughed so hard that I thought we were going to fall off our chairs!

We had the honor of meeting Molong’ spiritual mother and Albert from Uganda. Albert left his postion of “honor” in a royal family to follow Jesus! We were blessed by his testimonies, gentle spirit and most importantly His passion for Jesus!

July 11 – Mon - I snorkeled for the first time today! All I can say is “WOW!” and I know that I saw only a taste of the beauty of God’s under water creation!

Gary’s tenderness and open heart toward the young disciples that come and go daily warms my heart. It is fun to simply sit back and observe as they share their hearts with him!

We went to the open air market with Lisa. It’s fun to see all the vendors with fresh produce, sea food etc. Although I can’t understand a word of Cebuano, it’s also fun to listen to them barter back and forth! I must learn! I think I’d be good at it! 

Every day that we are here with these precious people we get a fresh taste of what it is like to disciple those whom God calls you to in daily activities. I simply marvel over the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s moving and preparing a heart to receive all that God has to offer! The love and compassion that Lisa and Molong demonstrate to those they father and mother spiritually is beyond words. I’ve learned much from them already and will miss them greatly as we move along to Luzon tonight!

July 12-13 - Our host family here in Quezon City is Toni & Ferdi Dy and their little daughter Robyn.
We spent this time getting settled in and making arrangements for our visits while here in Luzon.

Thurs, July 14 –We had an opportunity to visit with a number of people who were interested in learning more about organic church. Many good questins were stirred up and some are seeking to learn more! We left them with some helpful resources.


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