Thursday, July 14, 2011

And He Will Turn the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children

Throughout these next several weeks I will be sharing parts of my journal while here in the Philippines in an effort to share my heart and what Father is teaching me.

Sunday July 3: Oliver & Shirley brought Molong to pick us up @ airport.
Arrived “home” and sat in the bahay kubo (hut) with while it rained listening to frogs and drinking fresh picked tarragon tea..

Monday July 4: Before coming Brother Dan Hubbel shared with me that the Lord had spoken Mal. 4:6 through him to those attending the Philippine House Church. When he shared it really touched my heart. Molong had much to say yesterday about spiritual fathering and mothering. My attention was drawn this morning to an article in which a dear brother wrote:

"It has always been the plan of the Father to reveal His nature to man through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, the God-man. The Father understood human nature and how we need visible examples with skin on them. Today it is no different. For proper discipleship to take place, we need to see examples of Godly men who are following hard after Christ.

The Lord Jesus instituted no seminaries, he left no religious how to books, nor catechisms, nor baptism classes, and he left no Mecca for people to go to whether that be Jerusalem, Redding California or Kansas City Missouri. His discipleship plan takes time so there is no intensive available. The plan calls for a son to follow a father. Disciples need fathers and fathers are made for sons. No one can father himself!

Mal 4:6 And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse." NKJV"

We're listening Lord!

Tues July 5: We are meeting more and more of the people of this commnity. There is a young girl who has four holes in her heart but can not afford the healthcare that is needed for surgery. Father give us wisdom! She longs to learn but can not attend public school because of health issue. I visited with Molong about homeschooling and what I had learned about it in the Philippines so far.

We had a long visit with Molong & Oliver about their desire to establish a “Foundation” (non-profit incorporation) in order to help those in need, what God’s Word says about developing His Kingdom Work under the headship of the world’s government, what example Jesus set for us etc. It was a time of learning & re-evaluating for us all. We continue to ask Father to give them wisdom.

Molong, Gary & I rode the Molong’s motorcycle to the sea. While enjoying the water it began to rain. We could see the rain moving across the water toward us. The storm kept circling around us in such a fashion that the rain kept coming back to us until eventually we were enveloped by rain from every direction! It was beautiful & fun! We laughed and giggle like little children as we enjoyed being poured upon! We continued to share our hearts while literally and spiritually being emersed in the beauty and presence of our Lord.

Wed July 6 – Began to plan a rough draft of our schedule and making calls to our contacts in Luzon. Looks like our days are going to be full! Spent the afternoon and evening connecting hearts with those in the House Church community here, sharing, learning how God is moving, etc. We are being spoiled by the hospitality being offered to us and are blessed to see the coming and going of those in the family of God and those interested in learning what this thing called “the family of God” is all about! The spontaneity of fellowship is refreshing! Some of the ladies here are interested in learning to knit and bake. So… tomorrow may be a knitting day!

Thurs July 7 - I’m not sure I even know how to put into words what God is showing us that makes sense to anyone! We’ve had so many wonderful and deep conversations that I’m not even sure where to begin in sharing! Most of the day was spent learning from one another. One thing that we talked about is the reflection of Christ’s life within the Kingdom of God, how that is lived out among His people. We’ve talked about how there is no buying and selling among his people, rather giving and receiving

We spent the evening with Oliver & Shirley’s family at their home sharing and enjoying the reality that Jesus truly is in our midst!.

I suppose it is difficult to understand why we would travel so far to "just be with people". I’m feeling strongly that I need to write about our time with these precious ones being relational and not project oriented! God is showing me so much that I can’t keep up!

Whole-Heartedly, Bonnie

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