Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Response to - NO WILL OF MY OWN

A few weeks ago, I submitted an article regarding Jon Zens’ recent book, "NO WILL OF MY OWN: How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity & Personhood". Although I wish that every Christian would read it, there are countless women who would be especially blessed by this book. I wish that I could put a copy in each of their hands!
It is my prayer that the Lord will use this heartfelt response from a sister regarding "NO WILL OF MY OWN" to encourage you to read it and to pass a copy on to every sister in Christ whom you know.

Dear Brother Jon,
The title of your book is far more than mere words! There are those of us who have lived within the nothingness of "NO WILL OF MY OWN".

You see, no will means no heart—nothing left. If a person is beaten down to the place where nothing lives, then all that a person has that is that person becomes null and void in the nothing place of "NO WILL OF MY OWN". Those five little words speak a lifetime of being less, of being not worthy of being.

So many women will read their whole life in those five words. I have lived within those words. Your book title is perfect, because it says it all! I am greatly touched by your heart in Christ for your sisters. You are like a brave and protecting knight yielding the powerful sword of Truth and you are who Father has sent out to protect His precious daughters, and that is not an exaggerated expression of the heart, but a reality in what Christ has done and is doing through you. All praises and all glory be to our Lord Jesus!

First, I thank our heavenly Father for the book "NO WILL OF MY OWN" that He put in your heart and in my hand, freeing His daughters so that we may have our own will, so we may give our will to only Him. May His will alone be done!

On behalf of all our sisters, I also truly thank you our brother Jon.

Your Sister In Christ,

(Name here is omitted)

May Jesus be glorified as more and more sisters are set free through the Truths written in "NO WILL OF MY OWN"!

You may obtain "NO WILL OF MY OWN" through / or contact Jon at, 715-338-2796 or Searching Together, P O Box 548, St Croix Falls WI 54024-0548.


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