Thursday, May 19, 2011

HEALTH - Fire & Ice Muscle Rub

Muscular aches and pains of “over doing it” often accompany the invigorating warmth of Spring! Unfortunately, whether they are “effective” or not, most commercial muscle rubs contain a toxic combination of parabens, artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals! It’s unwise to expose ourselves to such harsh toxins when it is so simple and fun to harness the healing powers which our Creator has given us though nature!

My husband, Gary has a tendency to “push beyond his limits” and this Spring is no different. Consequently, yesterday I set out to find soothing relief for his aches and pains! With the help of one of my favorite resources, Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair by Dina Falconi, I spent only a few minutes developing a soothing muscle rub which alleviates muscular pain, relieves stiffness and stimulates muscles and joints before strenuous activity!


4 oz. olive oil

Essential oils:
1 Tbsp.each - wintergreen, lavender, ginger, thuja, camphor
2 tsp. each - cassia cinnamon, black pepper

1 -2 Tbsp menthol crystals
2 ½ oz. beeswax

Place menthol crystals in 2 oz of olive oil in a glass jar with a tight lid. Allowing this to set overnight will dissolve the crystals into the oil. Put remaining olive oil and beeswax into a heat-proof cup. Place this cup in a pan of hot water over medium heat. Combine essential oils in a glass jar with tight lid. When beeswax has melted, slowly pour essential oils and menthol crystal-oil mixture into the oil-beeswax mixture. Stirring until completely dissolved. Pour into jar and cap to prevent evaporation of essential oils. Makes 11 oz.

Don’t be cheated by creams that contain a plethora of hazardous ingredients. Treat your aches and pains with the powerful and natural healing of God’s creation which is also a blessing to your health!


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