Thursday, March 24, 2011


My son Jake and his wife Jenn work very diligently to be consistent with the rules which they set for their three year old son, Dominic. I was blessed with an opportunity a few days ago to hear a precious conversation between Dominic and his mom, whom he was challenging about rules.

Jenn: “Dominic, you don’t make the rules! I’m the parent and parents make rules for their child.”
Dominic: “No, Dominic make rules!”
Jenn: “No, Dominic! You are the child and children do not make the rules. Parents make the rules and I’m the parent! Now… who are you?”
Dominic: After only a brief pause, “I’m Jesus!”

Yes, it was difficult not to laugh! However, at three years of age, this little fella is wise enough to know Who the final decision-maker of this universe is! It took me years to truly figure out what Dominic so astutely proclaimed!

Although I didn’t follow all of the rules as a child, I was pretty compliant. I knew Momma meant business, plus it broke my heart to even consider disappointing her! Once I moved away from home and was “on my own,” there were times when I knew that I was heading down the wrong path but I took it anyway. However, for the most part, I truly thought that I was making “wise” choices. In fact, I often heard from others, “You have such a good head on your shoulders!” You are so wise for your age!” Consequently, I arrogantly considered myself pretty “levelheaded!” Yet, time and again, I found myself in distressing situations! What was my problem?

Throughout those years I proclaimed faith in Jesus and even prayed about most situations. Yet, through painful events and circumstances related to career, finances, parenting, health and relationships, that could only have been orchestrated by Jesus’ Wisdom, I’ve been led to understand that I wasn’t really acknowledging Him as the Ruler of my life and that

There is more hope for a fool than a person wise in their own eyes!Proverbs 26:12

*No one is to beguile themselves!

The One who loves me knew my condition.

*The Lord realizes that the thought processes of the wise are foolish!
The wisdom of this world is silliness next to God!

In His mercy, He was using these agonizing situations to show me how very foolish I truly am!

*If anyone among you seems to be wise
by the standards of this world,
let them become foolish so that they can become wise!

[Only when] He traps the wise with their own cunning
*1 Corinthians 3:18-20

and breaks them of their self-sufficient pride will they become wise in His eyes!

I used to believe that I needed to somehow "allow" Jesus to have lordship over my life. Who am I to think that I can “permit” Jesus to do anything! Even this is pride-filled thinking! The reality is that His Father granted Him lordship over me!

For you [Father] granted him [your Son] authority over all people
that he might give eternal life
to all those you have given him.

John 17:1-2

When my son Jake was still living at home, I’d send him off for the day with this loving reminder, “Make wise choices.” Was I setting him up to carry-on the understanding that he’s the ruler over his own life? Our Father knows that we are not capable of mustering-up power to follow a list of scriptural commands. Instead, He grants the Spirit of his Son to have His way with whomever He chooses (Romans 9:18, 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14). In this way, the Wisdom which rules that life is His and His desires become their own!

But, what about you?
Who sets the rules for your life?
Who do you say [He] is?

Mark 8:29

Peter judiciously proclaimed, You are the Anointed One (Mark 8:29)! Like Dominic, Peter was declaring that by the authority which Jesus’ anointing carries that no one dare resist the implications of his action, but accepts without question that He who has been anointed as king must indeed be King!


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