Thursday, March 10, 2011


New life; it simply astonishes me!

When my son, Jake was born I marveled over how every intricate facet of his being worked with such perfection:

• with each life-giving breath and rhythmic beating of his heart, every cell of his body was being fed!
• covered with abundant dark hair, his disproportionate head bobbed here and there providing new opportunities for his beautiful blue eyes to practice focusing!
• long, but tiny fingers already able to grasp!
• wrinkly ears, readily responding to the comforting assurance of my familiar voice!
• even the productive workings of his digestive tract; it all astounded me!

Though it was incredible to gaze upon the miraculous wonders of my precious son, I recall feeling apprehensive about sharing him. I longed to protect him from the pervasive darkness of the world that he had just been cast into. I recall believing that it was my role to protect him from harm with every ounce of my being!

After thirty years, I’m no less amazed by new life! On February 27th 2011 at 2:45 AM, Connor Michael Jaeckle entered into this world weighing 7lbs. 13oz. and measuring 21” long!

How can it be that every tiny feature of my new grandson
works in such precise harmony?
It has to be that Someone
more powerful and creative than any other being
is intimately involved in such marvelous work!

Yet, once again, I found myself speculating about the oppressive trials which may befall this precious new life:

• Will the weight of financial pressures bury him alive?
• Will the crippling pain of broken relationships leave his heart irreparably shattered?
• Will he be paralyzed by fear when life-threatening illness strikes?
• Will he turn to his Creator when he is faced with such crippling emotions or succumb to the enticing evils which surround him?
• Will he stand firm in his trials and proclaim the wondrous glories of His Creator to the rulers and principalities of this evil world and in the heavenly realms?

Tears began to well-up in my eyes as that familiar over-whelming feeling of protective responsibility filled my heart for this life so dear to my heart.

I humbly cried while gazing upon Connor’s innocent face, “Lord, I know that You never intended for me, nor am I capable of, protecting him from every temptation or trial. My heart’s desire is that Connor will come to know You as the One True God. Through each trial may he become more dependant upon and serve You. May he come to realize, Lord that he has no more valuable purpose than to honor You, the King of kings. I don’t have Your panoramic view of his life, but I trust that no matter how Connor responds to the trials which You set before him or even to Your Love, that You have designed him for the wondrous purpose of bringing glory to Yourself. Have Your way with him according to Your glorious purposes. Amen!”


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