Thursday, June 24, 2010


Recently a young lady cried out to me, “Some days are just too much!” Most of us can identify with her proclamation! Have you ever wondered, “What’s the purpose behind all of this? Why doesn’t God intervene and turn down the heat?”

I pray that my response to her may help to shine some light on your circumstances and bring you peace.

I know sometimes it feels like it is too much; that you can’t take any more. Yet, you know what? God is using the pressure of what you consider to be "too much" in order to pursue you! He loves you! He desires more of you and He is relentless! He often turns up the heat until we say, "Take all of me, God! There is no other real purpose in life. Do whatever you want in order to break me and make me fully yours!"

I’ve frequently heard, “All you have to do is fully surrender your heart to Jesus!” So… off I’d go into my little corner determined to “surrender”! Yet, no matter how hard I tried, it seemed as though I could never surrender enough! The guilt was so overwhelming that I often questioned my faith.

What does ‘full surrender’ look like, anyway?

I’ve come to realize that surrendering is not a one time deal, as it is often described. Instead, it is a regular response to an on-going pursuit of God for His child. Each time Father turns up the heat, His child responds by surrendering a bit more.

It’s important, though, to understand that genuine surrendering is not something that we can determine to “muster-up.” Instead, it is something that the Spirit of Jesus works in us, according to His perfect plan and timing.

I know that sometimes it feels like God is just playing games with us. I've accused Him of that myself! However:
• He knows exactly what type of heat and temperature level is needed to accomplish His will within each of us. For you, it may be “minor” health issues. For someone else it might be a life-threatening incident. For me, it may be multiple broken relationships. For someone else it might be a “simple” argument.
• He knows exactly when the next level of surrendering needs to happen. This is not only for your sake, but for those whom your life impacts. God has a panoramic view and He knows precisely when the temperatures need to rise!

Usually the heat gets turned-up again and again
He has our attention
we realize that it is Him pursuing us!

When we begin to realize this, it's easier to tolerate the heat. Instead of trying to escape through some type of sinful response, there is peace in knowing that He is continuing His work in our lives. In time, we learn to respond as Jesus did when He was faced with the cross, "Lord, this heat feels unbearable. Please remove it from me. However, if there is no other way to accomplish Your will in and through me, give me strength to bear it!”


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