Thursday, July 23, 2009


Has the world system lured the “church” into thinking that one must be professionally trained in order to help those with “real” problems? Have we been persuaded that the Body of Christ has no power to help? Do we truly believe that it is the “wise men” according to the world’s standard whom God uses to accomplish His work? If so, why?

Why is the church so willing to buy into the lie that the world’s knowledge is such a necessary thing when God’s Word is so clear? It was Joseph, a teenage Hebrew slave (not the wise men of Egypt) whom God used to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. It was another Hebrew slave---Daniel--- whom God used to interpret the writing on the wall--- not the wise men of Babylon. The very Word of God made flesh--- a humble Jewish carpenter Who spoke God’s Truth--- was nailed to the cross and put to death by those who thought they had an edge on knowledge. It was Peter, an impetuous fisherman who made mistakes (not the Scribes and Pharisees) upon whom God built His Church!

Is Jesus’ atoning death on the cross and resurrection victory over sin and Satan no longer powerful enough to bring healing to those whom He sends to His Church? When did the Word of God become void of everything we need to bring healing into the lives of those who come seeking truth and hope from those who claim to follow Jesus? When did the gifts of our God’s precious Holy Spirit cease to be what God intended to equip and use for the building and edification of His Church?

The Lord of lords and King of kings reigns as the most powerful “above every name that shall be named!” Christ seeks to fill His Church with His life-giving resurrection power! It is through the body of Christ operating in the power of His Holy Spirit which God has equipped with the gifts of His Spirit to reclaim hope and healing within the church. Those who choose to be obedient to His call and walk in the power of His Word and Spirit will be His vessels to heal the broken hearted, bind up wounds and set the captives free.

It is Jesus who is the very Bread of God who came down from heaven to give life to the world. (John 6:33) It is He who breaks the bread--- His body, the Church--- to be distributed to feed and nourish the hungry and needy people. Truly the loving grace of Jesus can break us and use us for His glory to bring forth His hope and healing if we ask it of Him.


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