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What a wonderful summer this has been for wild berries and they aren’t done yet! I enjoy picking them and eating them is heavenly! However, it’s often difficult to get to those beauties without reaching through poison ivy entangled brambles.

Poison ivy produces oil, Urushiol. Urushiol is so potent that one billionth of a gram can irritate sensitive skin! Although there are some who are unaffected by it, others can develop anything from a mild rash to an acute systemic reaction. When the acidic oil penetrates the skin and enters the blood and lymphatic system, the results can be fatal.

It is documented that the irritating rash doesn’t spread as a result of scratching and breaking the blisters. Instead, a rash develops wherever Urushiol makes skin contact. Sweating can “flush” the oil to other parts of the body. Urushiol can also be transferred by unwashed hands. In fact, it has been discovered that Urushiol can remain active on unwashed clothing and shoes for up to five years! Is there anything that can neutralize and flush its caustic effects from our body?

Not unlike many other health problems,
toxic or expensive drugs are usually an unnecessary response to
an allergic reaction to poison ivy.

As is often the case, our Creator has provided a quick and natural cure which isn’t far from the problem. If poison ivy is present, Jewelweed is most often near by. Helpful photos can be seen at Its identifying features are:

• Stems - Succulent, translucent, hollow, pale blue-green waxy blooms, partitioned by nodes and grows up to 5’ tall.
• Leaves - Long stalked, water-repellant, 1-4.5” with few rounded teeth. Upper leaves are alternative while lower are opposite.
• Flowers - Early summer-fall. Orange-yellow with red, yellow or white spots. Trumpet-shaped, under 1” long. One of three petals curls to form a long slipper-shaped spur.
• Seedpods - develop in late summer-fall.

Jewelweed neutralizes Urushiol
if applied immediately after exposure.
It will also minimize the effects
of an already established rash.

The goal is to release its anti-inflammatory, fungicidal properties which are also found in Preparation H! I’ll share several of many methods for accomplishing this:

1) Crush a branch and apply the poultice to the exposed area. Fresh, unused plants in a sealed container will last a week in the refrigerator.
2) Blend with just enough water to liquefy the herb. Strain through a cloth lined strainer. Gather-up the corners of the cloth and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Apply the liquid and toss the remainder.
3) Simmer entire plant - root and all - for 15-30 minutes. Strain and cool the orange colored solution before application.
Freeze left-overs from #2 & 3 in ice-cube trays for future applications.
4) Poison ivy soap containing Jewelweed can be purchased from The Poison Ivy Soap Company at 110 Ivy Lane Marshall, AR 72650. Their website is We have also found this product locally at the Amish Country Store on Hwy 169 in Redding, IA.

While it’s beyond me to understand why God created poison ivy, He has blessed us with a jewel of a solution!



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