Friday, January 2, 2009


I’m excited about this opportunity to “visit” you weekly!

May I introduce myself and give you an idea of what we might be “visiting” about? I hope that you come to look forward to these “visits” and realize that someone cares enough to “sit and chat” a bit about the deeper, more important things in life.

My name is Bonnie Jaeckle. My husband, Gary & I moved a few years ago to a quaint little cabin quietly nestled in the woods of Ringgold County. We live with our arthritic cat, Smokie and Border Collie, Berea who “doesn’t take too kindly to strangers.” We have five precious children and five loveable grandchildren scattered about the states.

I am a 53 year old country gal with more interests than I have time for. I can be found frequently in the kitchen making healthy products for family and friends. In the warmer months, I’m drawn to my garden in the cool of the evening. Learning is a year ‘round passion for me, but in the winter I’m often at my computer researching something which typically leads to writing. Although I have several musical instruments, recently I’ve been learning to play the stand-up bass. This big, ol’ beast seems to blend well with the Country Gospel and Bluegrass songs which I love to sing.

I’m the youngest of six, raised by our dear momma in the cornfields of Illinois. Although we were blessed in many ways, it often seemed as though the hardships were unending. Sharing some of those experiences and how they affected my life may be helpful to you, as well as for me.

Although I wouldn’t say that I was reared in a “Christian” environment, Sunday mornings were spent sitting on an oak pew next to my momma in a little country, non-denominational church. This provided a spiritual foundation for me that I will be ever grateful for and enjoy sharing stories about.

Prior to developing a counseling ministry 13 years ago, most of my adult years were spent in the nursing field. However, my strong interest in health and health care never quite fit the pattern of the traditional nurse. I rarely agree with the approach that is taught in the medical field and am, in fact, often identified as one who challenges the standard approach in what I practice and write. Consequently, after 18 years of Emergency Nursing I made the transition into Legal Nurse Consulting, assisting attorneys as a consultant and expert witness. In my “old age,” my challenge to the medical field is from a greater distance; you will likely hear it in this column from time to time.

I have always had a strong aversion to being forced into a box which fits the standards and expectations of others; becoming a “pastor’s wife” didn’t seem to deter me much in this regard. In fact, I was frequently told, “You are unlike any other ‘pastor’s wife’ I’ve ever met.” I’m certain that in a fair number of instances I wasn’t being complimented by this assessment.

These various life experiences have caused me to question and re-evaluate many things about what most of us have been taught regarding politics, “the church,” nationalism, health, lifestyle and “heart issues.” Some say, I oughta keep these thoughts to myself. But….I like to be challenged and I like to challenge others to stretch beyond their comfort zones.
S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G is healthy, don’t you think?

I realize that sharing these ponderings might occasionally irritate you a bit. But, I hope that you will come to know me well enough that you hear my concern for you and others behind the challenges and will “invite” me back into your home the following week.

Although, I’ve been described as a “deep thinker” whose “brain never shuts off,” I also like to have fun and hope that I can occasionally make ya chuckle. It is more important to me to speak to people’s hearts than to “stir-up controversy.” So….how about we start there in our first few “visits?”

In the meantime… you may find me meandering the streets of town chatting with people, simply because I desire to hear what’s on their hearts and to share what’s on mine. If not…..

See ya next week!

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  1. And challenge you she will! She has often challenged me and I have not always liked it! But I know that it is all done with love. I also know that all she want for all of us is to come into a closer relationship with Jesus!