Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Douglas Center

Sometimes, in the midst of all the work and whirlwind of activity, we just need to lighten-up and be silly!  That’s what we did this past weekend at Marigold Meadows, during our fall festival.  Our good music friend, Ernie Douglas often has fun teasing and giving us a “hard time,” so we decided to “get even” with him and loving dedicated our outhouse in his honor.  My brother, Art asked me to write a little ditty that could be read publicly and presented to Ernie at our Saturday evening stage show.  I thought you might get a kick out of it!

The Douglas Center
Dedicated to Ernie Douglas

We’re dedicating another building here at Marigold Meadows!  As you may know, we are very thoughtful about naming our buildings after someone who has contributed to that particular building in a significant way.

Last week during the dedication of our new kitchen, our friend, Ernie Douglas expressed his disappointment that we’d not named a building after him.  We got to thinking about his feelings of exclusion and realized that he’s right.  Ernie has always been “Johnnie on the spot” here at Marigold Meadows.  Ernie has a love for the “performing arts” and has “shared his talent” with us year after year.  We’ll never forget the year that he received a standing ovation for performing, “Moon Light Serenade.”  There’s absolutely no one who can “make music” like Ernie!

Ernie is a great inspiration for the rest of us to, “go for the gusto!”  He encourages others to be a part of his “performances” and he’s always willing to “fill-in” whenever there’s a need.  After all these years of sacrificing his precious time and his “straining” efforts for our events, his commitment to “hang in there until the paper work is done” still amazes us!  Rain or shine, we can always count on Ernie to “put on a good show.”

Ernie’s commitment and dedication to Marigold Meadows has encouraged us to dedicate this building, where he has “given of himself the most,” in his honor.  We could think of no one else who better deserves this “high position.”  Ladies and gentlemen, we dedicate this “throne room” to our friend, Ernie Douglas.  From this day forward, it will be known as, “The Douglas Center of Performing Arts,” in his honor.

Thank you, Ernie for your “generous contributions”!  It is our sincerest desire that you’ll always remember this dedication as the ultimate “Royal Flush!”

You’re the greatest!

The Crew at Marigold Meadows

Most of them knowing Ernie, the crowd nearly rolled on the ground laughing and Ernie accepted his “reward” in the manner in which it was intended, with loving fun and silliness.  His response…. “You really shouldn’t have.”  I truly mean, you really shouldn’t have!”


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