Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Logo

This week my writing time has been spent on designing and sketching.  I’m working on a logo for our Lloyd Loar’s Hometown Bluegrass Festival.  I wanted my design to be unique and descriptive of Lloyd Loar, yet clear enough to use on letterhead, t-shirts etc.  While color and highlights, etc. will greatly change its appearance, I thought it’d be fun to explain how I developed my design and show you what it looks like, so far:

1)      Considering that Loar was the genius behind the acoustics of many instruments, I needed to include an instrument in my design.  Since Loar is best known for his engineering of Gibson’s F5 Mandolin, I chose to sketch an outline of it.
2)      The original F5 has “The Gibson” written on the head; I wrote “Lloyd Loar” on the head of my design, instead.
3)      Our festival is located in Loar’s hometown, Lewistown, IL.  I took advantage of the space on the fingerboard (neck) of the mandolin and placed the word “Hometown” there and “Lewistown, IL” just under it.
4)      The F5 has two sound holes, one on each side of the body’s front.  I scrolled the word “Bluegrass” to fit the shape of one sound hole and the word “Festival” to fit the other.
5)      I liked what I had designed so far, but something was missing.  My design looked somewhat “empty”.  Obviously, I didn’t have strings on my mandolin, but I was concerned that they’d be too much.  I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them and still use the neck space for wording.  Studying my design, I began to see that the strings could be drawn so that they appear as though they are extensions of the letters in the word “Hometown”!  I gave it a try and I really like the effect!

While the logo is still evolving and the scan doesn’t show the strings real well, here it is so far!  What do ya think?


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