Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Alternative to Chemical Wormers

Our critters are important to me, so I like to protect their health as best as I can.  I’m learning about worming without harmful chemicals.  While, I’ve much more to learn, I like to share what I do know so that others don’t have to spend so much time researching, planning etc.  I’ve been buying a wonderful product for worming, but have wanted to make my own in order to save money.  Plus, I like the adventure of learning and concocting.

Let me begin by saying that it is normal for almost all animals to carry internal microscopic creatures.  When in balance, the host and the parasite can live in harmony with one another.  However, as a result of poor dietary habits, improper hygiene, poor pasture management etc., the host can develop an internal environment that breeds an over population of internal parasite.  When this happens, the parasites begin to consume more nutrients than the host can relinquish without suffering nutritional deficit.  Something must be done!  The host could die, or at the least, suffer unpleasant health problems.  However, we have a big problem when it comes to commercial wormers!

Like most herbicides and insecticides, our world is becoming more and more resistant to the chemicals available to destroy parasites.  The harder we work at developing new chemicals, the stronger the strains of parasites become.  Not only that, these chemical wormers are becoming more and more hazardous to the health of our livestock.  The key, I believe, is in prevention.  We must work at developing an internal environment in our livestock that the nasty critters have no desire to live in.

To accomplish this, we need a product that:
  • does not have adverse affects on the animal as a result of harsh chemicals.
  • builds, not destroys the animal’s immune system.
  • establishes an internal environment in the animal that the parasite is adverse to.
  • slowly, but effectively kills the parasite without consequential toxicity due to a build-up of dead parasites.
  • promotes expulsion of the parasites without developing diarrhea and nutritional imbalance.

Using my research and the ingredients of other products as my guide, I’ve developed two products that I believe meet the requirements above and are cost effective.  The two formulas are given over an eight week period and the cycle is repeated throughout the year.  Remember this is not a harsh chemical that literally blows the crap out of the parasites, causing adverse effects on the animals and is repeated a few times a year.  Instead, throughout the entire year these ingredients will establish an environment that the freeloaders do not like while causing gentle expulsion of the dead scroungers.


4 Cups Wormwood                     4 Cups Garlic
1 cup Fennel seed powder           1 cup Diatomaceous Earth
1 cup *Black Walnut powder (* NOT FOR HORSES)

Use right before breeding and resume day after delivery.
During pregnancy substitute with Formula #2 for 3 consecutive days

Administration: Given for three consecutive days of week one

Goat: 1 tbsp…………..Kids under 2 months: ½ TBSP
Sheep: 2 tsp        Llamas: 2-3 tsp         Alpaca: 1-2 tsp
Cattle 3-4 Tbsp             Horses: 2-3 TBSP
Dogs: ½ to 1 tsp           Cats: ¼ tsp
Pigs: 2-3 tsp                 Chickens 1 Tbsp to 6 chickens
**Horses: (*Carefully mix and mark container without Black Walnut)


4 Cups Mugwort                          4 Cups Garlic    4 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
1 Cup Fennel seed powder           1 Cup Diatomaceous Earth
1 Cup Thyme                                1 Cup Hyssop

Pregnancy Safe: Substitute for FORMULA #1 during Pregnancy!

Administration: Given one time weekly for seven weeks.

Goat: 1 tbsp…………..Kids under 2 months: ½ TBSP
Sheep: 2 tsp        Llamas: 2-3 tsp         Alpaca: 1-2 tsp
Cattle 3-4 Tbsp             Horses: 2-3 TBSP
Dogs: ½ to 1 tsp           Cats: ¼ tsp
Pigs: 2-3 tsp                 Chickens 1 Tbsp to 6 chickens

For the babies, administer a three day dose of Formula #2 beginning at 4 weeks of age, repeat every 3 weeks until they are 6 months old.  At that time, start them on the 8 week cycle.  You may have to add water to the product and use a syringe to drench them if they are not interested in eating the wormer.  If diarrhea develops, immediately administer Formula #1 for three consecutive days.

In order to make the product more palatable, I mix it with black strap molasses.  Not only do the animals love it, the molasses adds nutritional value that helps to build their health.  What a treat!  A few gulps of apple cider vinegar splashed in their water is an additional way to establish the internal environment that we’re seeking in our animals.  All of this may sound like a lot of additional work, but once you get into the routine, it goes quickly and it gives you the necessary time to closely evaluate your animals rather than rushing through chores simply for the sake of getting them done.  In my opinion, their health and the blessings that they offer to us are worth every minute!


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