Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Perfect Socks!

I’m knitting my first pair of socks!  Well…. I have obviously worn socks before.  It would be more accurate to say; “This is the first time that I’ve knitted socks!”  I’m not sure if my husband, Gary would agree, but for me it’s been kinda fun!  I like watching something develop that I’ve never tried to do before.  But, since these socks are custom made for him, every few minutes, I’m saying, “Honey, would you try this on, please?”  With a wee bit of a huff, off comes a slipper and a sock so that I can place my developing creation over his foot.  Yesterday he said, “I hope you are going to wash these socks before I wear them!”  Funny!

I bet I know why he’s not the most excited about this venture.  He tells me stories about his grandma making him socks as gifts when he was a young boy.  He describes these socks as bulky, hot and never fitted to his foot!  In Grandma’s defense, this wasn’t really her fault.  It used to be that all sock patterns were knitted from the top down.  When they got to the toe, the knitter had to somehow close the hole!  So… they pulled the gap together and closed it up with some yarn!  Talk about uncomfortable!  Socks in those days were made with the only yarn that was available which was a bulky weight, itchy wool!  Needless to say, this didn’t help the comfort measures for this young boy!

Gary hates bulky socks.  He hates hot socks.  He hates socks that don’t fit.  And… if they itch, forget it!  I can only imagine that he also hates socks puckered together at the toe with a glob of yarn!  I can just picture him as a young boy, desiring to appease Grandma and to show appreciation for her efforts, putting the sock on… yanking the sock off, putting the sock back on and yanking the sock off again.  I’m sure he did everything in his power to get the socks to “feel right,” but to no avail!

No wonder the poor guy is skeptical about my endeavor to make him socks!

Oh, but these socks are made with lightweight yarn that stretches
and conforms to his foot
and does not itch!
They will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer!
They are custom made to fit his foot only!
These socks are knitted from the toe up and…
like magic, a tunnel develops for his foot, but there are no seams!
These socks will be the perfect socks!

Where did I find such a perfect sock pattern? Not only are there instructions for making these socks at this site, there are also videos to watch as someone shows you how to go about each step.  You don’t have to be a knitting expert to make socks.  This pattern can be as simple or as complex as you make it to be!  Try it!  It’s fun!


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