Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Winning French Press Coffee Maker

We love coffee at our house!  I’m kinda finicky about it.  My husband, Gary on the other hand, is willing to drink almost anything labeled “coffee”.  I like mine either steaming hot or ice cold.  Gary, however, could drink coffee at any temperature!  It’s difficult for me to swallow coffee that has been cooking half the day, while Gary will drink it if there’s nothing else available.  I am thankful that we both like our coffee bold and black.  We jokingly refer to weak coffee as “church coffee” because our experience has been that most congregations make very diluted coffee.

I’m thinking Gary must get his love for coffee from his momma!  This sweet, 90 year old lady prepares her drip coffee maker before bed so that all she has to do in the morning is push the button.  However, “unable to wait” for the coffee to brew, she makes a cup of instant coffee using the boiling water mechanism at her sink so that she can be sipping while she’s waiting for the drip maker to complete its cycle!

A few years ago, we had the privilege of visiting a “house church” in Ireland.  We learned quickly that many Irish tend to be very fond of coffee!  In fact, the true Irishman drinks coffee with “a little sugar, a jigger of Irish whiskey, and a float of lightly whipped cream”!  Without the Irish “additives,” we were introduced to French Press coffee!  In our opinion, French Press coffee is unsurpassed and we’ve been somewhat dissatisfied with anything less since!

We’ve owned a number of coffee makers through the years: drip, percolator, espresso, etc. but never a French Press.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching these coffee makers shortly after our return from Ireland, but never took the plunge to purchase one.  Our drip maker is on its last leg, however, so I’ve been back to researching French Presses.  I nearly over-loaded with all the descriptions, reviews and consumer reports, yet all that homework helped to make a decision that we are not sorry for!  I thought all you coffee connoisseurs out there might be interested in our conclusion.

In my search, I found everything from the “Rolex of French Presses” for home use priced at a walloping $3,000 (no kidding) to $4.50 fly-by-night models.  With all these options, how did we make our final decision?

Things we were looking for:

  • Pure, rich coffee flavor
  • Non-toxic plastics, glass or metals
  • Unbreakable
  • Quality (Plunger seals often leak coffee grounds)
  • Durability (Plunging mechanism often bends)
  • Insulation for retaining heat
  • Capacity for coffee drinking visitors
  • Must also brew tea
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • Cost effectiveness (no need for expensive filters)
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quick (No time to waste for morning coffee!)
  • Non-electric (Must have coffee in a power outage!)

The winning French Press coffee maker?
Drum roll…….
The Frieling!

This coffee maker meets our criteria with:

  • insulated double-walls which retain heat four times longer than glass!
  • an unbreakable, toxic free, 8/10 stainless-steel body inside and out!
  • the ability to make French press coffee or tea and the bonus of a sleek looking carafe which doubles as a serving pitcher for any beverage!
  • its 33-Ounce capacity to serve several guests!
  • replacement parts available from Frieling!
  • ease of simply pulling the plunger out of the carafe and washing both by hand or in the dishwasher! No parts to disassemble!
  • no need for expensive filters!
  • having no power cords!  We can brew and serve right at the table even in a power outage!
  • its durable and tightly sealed all-steel mesh plunger mechanism can be used with coarse coffee grounds or loose tea leaves without bending the plunger or having grounds seeping through!
  • ease & speed of simply scooping ground coffee into the press, filling it with near boiling water, placing the lid/plunger unit on top and steeping for 4 minutes! Slowly press the plunger down and voila, coffee ready to serve!
  • And we can’t be more satisfied with the pure, bold flavor!

Have a love for bold coffee flavor?
A French Press can’t be beat!

Have no idea where to start your search for a quality French Press without spending a fortune?
In our opinion,
there’s no need to look any further
 than the Frieling Polished Stainless Steel
French Press!


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