Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Don't Do Windows

A few weeks ago I noticed that our fruit and nut trees were beginning to bud.  Yikes!  It is too early!  I admit, though, that this early sight of spring triggered an urge in me to begin some deep house cleaning.  While I’m not a spotless window freak, I really do need to get the window cleaner out.  If the “soul” of our home is mirrored by our windows as our eyes are said to be the mirror to our soul, then we’re in big trouble!

Like with many other cleaners, window cleaners cause my eyes to burn and spraying all those minute particles into the air makes it difficult for me to breath!  While many of us may not give it much thought, most window cleaners contain not only ingredients that irritate our eyes and respiratory tract, but also toxic ingredients which cause central nervous system depression and degenerative lesions in the liver and kidneys.  Why is it that we are so willing to risk such health problems, especially when plain water works just as well?

If you feel that you must use more than water, what if I told you that you can make effective window cleaner in less than five minutes that is not only less expensive and smells better than commercial brands, but is also biodegradable and most importantly non-toxic?

I think you’ll be pleased with the healthy and penny saving results of this product:

Fill a quart spray bottle with:
1 1/3 cup white vinegar
2 2/3 cups distilled water
10 drops lemon essential oil
Shake well and you’re good to go!

Window Cleaning Tips:
• Wash windows on a cloudy day or on the shaded side of your house.  Sunshine causes the cleaning solution to dry too quickly which causes streaking.
• Using newspaper as a cleaning “cloth” not only prevents streaks, it also leaves a dirt-resistant film on glass.
• You can more easily see which side of the window needs repolishing if you wipe the panes in opposite directions; i.e. outside horizontally and the inside vertically.

If you’re an avid window washer, you likely have a build-up from commercial cleaners on your windows.  Don’t expect the above recipe to remove all that residue.  Try using equal parts water and vinegar with a squirt of dish soap the first time you clean them.  If this fails, try equal parts rubbing alcohol and water with a squirt of soap.  Once you remove the build-up, there will be no need for the soap or alcohol and the initial recipe should work fine.

I know... sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?  In fact, as I was writing this article it got me to thinkin’ about Willie Nelson’s song, “I Don’t Do Windows!”

But you’ve been mean to me sometimes
I think I better tell you what’s on my mind
I don’t do windows and I don’t come to work `til nine.
And if you make me mad, I won’t come to work anytime!

Since my husband is loving and kind, I don’t have poor Willie’s excuse.  Plus, our country view is too beautiful to miss because of grimy windows!  So… I guess I’d better get busy!


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