Thursday, December 8, 2011


Some of my fondest childhood memories are standing next to Momma’s side while helping her in the kitchen. As young as I can remember, she patiently gave me little jobs that would fulfill my curiosity and keep me learning. Even now it is rare for me to be in the kitchen without reflecting upon those precious memories. Although she doesn’t cook much these days, at 85 years of age Momma still enjoys rolling out the finest egg noodles that I’ve ever eaten!

I do miss those days with Momma and often wish that they could be recaptured, however I’ve been learning new baking tips from my dear friend, Rhoda Plank. I love to bake and Rhoda doesn’t mind having me “tag along” in her new bakery,


2974 County Highway P32.

(a quarter mile off of highway 169 east of Redding)


Friday & Saturday from 8AM – 7 PM.

While my friendship with Rhoda is my most precious treasure there, I’m not sure I can adequately prepare you for the wonderful surprises in store for you if you should decide to visit Berry Farm Bakery. One of several things which makes Rhoda’s bakery unique is that her savory treats are baked in a four level wood-burning oven! I feel welcomed by the aroma of the burning wood even before I open the door to the bakery! Yet, aside from Rhoda’s smile, nothing compares to the hospitable fragrance of her freshly baked delicacies. The minute I open the bakery door, I’m transported into a whole new delightful world!

I’ve never tasted anything which Rhoda baked that wasn’t sensational. In fact, she is known for miles around for her raised donuts. One day when I was there, a couple came all the way from St. Joe to purchase them!

Not only will you find scrumptious refreshment at Berry Farm Bakery, Rhoda’s prices are so reasonable that I’m not sure how she makes any profit! Check this out!

PIE: LRG. – $6.00 / MED. – $4.50 / SM. - $2.00 / SINGLE SERVE - $1.25

CINNAMON ROLLS: LRG. - $3.00 / SM. $1.50


BREAD: WHEAT or WHITE - $2.00 / CHEESE or JALAPENO - $3.50

BARS: 6 PIECES - $2.00 / 3 PIECES - $1.00

CAKE: LRG. - $5.00 / $2.50

COOKIES: 1 DOZEN - $2.25 / ½ DOZEN - $1.15

DONUTS: 1 DOZEN - $3.00 / ½ DOZEN - $1.50

Rhoda will receive special orders at the bakery or you may contact her at 641.344.1620. She’d be glad to fulfill your baking needs for a special occasion and is always willing to consider adding items to her list of tasty products!

It is such a joy for me to spend the day baking and sharing with my friend. I’m sure you’d also be blessed to meet her and to experience the bliss of savoring her delicious baked goods.



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