Thursday, October 13, 2011

All For the Master’s Glory

Two weeks ago we spent over a week with my brother, Art. He owns Belgian horses which he uses to work his corn field and huge garden, as well as pulling logs for building and heating purposes. Aside from some finishing touches, he and his horses, Maude and Maggie had just completed a big, well-designed barn to shelter them and some of his other critter friends. I marveled as I considered that one man and two horses could possibly accomplish such a considerable endeavor.

We timed our visit so that we could help Art and his wife, Marcia, get ready for an annual fall event. The Spoon River Scenic drive in Lewistown, Illinois comes around every first and second weekend in October. Art demonstrates using his draft horses and saw mill, while in a log cabin; Marcia sells pies which she bakes on a wood-burning cook stove. This historical reenacting takes place on their property, Marigold Meadow, and more activity from times gone by is added to the event each year. Visitors come from miles away throughout the day not only to enjoy the demonstrations and eat delicious pie, but also to visit their petting zoo and photograph all the old farming equipment, horse buggy and log cabin. On Saturday evening many return for a knee slappin’ Bluegrass show while sitting around a cozy fire.

While the entire event is enjoyable, my heart is drawn to the draft horses and their master. Art seems to know everything about Maude and Maggie and it is obvious that they want to do everything within their power to please him. They know and listen to his voice for direction. In response to his commands, their massive muscles strain and their harnesses clatter as they plow their way through the rich Illinois soil. Art’s body bounces and sways to the rhythm of Maude and Maggie’s labor while he closely monitors them for any signs of distress. I could watch and listen for hours! The power they generate as they work in unison is majestically astounding! And….it’s all for their master’s glory!

Art Jones with Maude & Maggie

Although I’ve observed this splendor before, this time it was inspirational! As I considered the near perfect union between two horses and their master, the power that is generated as they lovingly respond to one another and the incredible work that is accomplished through their laboring together, the Spirit of God filled my heart with a deeper awareness that Father desires such relationships with and among His children.

While appreciating the beauty of Art, Maude and Maggie working together, I was reminded that Father:
• knows the number of hairs on my head!
• watches my every move!
• never asks me to do more than I can endure!
• longs for me to be able to identify His voice and to respond out of loving obedience.
• desires that I labor together with my spiritual brothers and sisters in love.
• determines to accomplish the incomprehensible using His power through His children.

All for the Master’s glory!


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