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Flu season is on its way and the health care system has been gearing-up to “help” you with their armory of vaccines. As some of you may recall, I wrote an article last year about the risks of vaccines. If you would like to read it, it can be found at

If “Big Brother” were truly looking out for our health, something would be done to eliminate the adverse effects of vaccinations. Instead, they are escalating! The awareness of this might have something to do with the high percentage of health professionals who are rejecting flu vaccines!

There is plenty of information available that attempts to scare us into receiving flu vaccines. On the other side, there is increasing documentation which warns against them. However, it seems that we are lacking in adequate and accurate information about flu prevention!

Have you ever wondered why the health-care system rarely educates the public on appropriately preventing influenza? While my goal in this article is not to get on another soap-box about the whys of that,

I can assure you that the
FDA, pharmaceutical companies and World Health Organization
are all sleeping together
have little desire to prevent transmission of communicable diseases
here or around the world!
With this in mind, what measures can we take to protect ourselves?

My focus in this article is prevention, not treatment, with the goal to educate on how to boost the immune system so that you become resistant to microorganisms which lead to illness.

We’ve heard over and again the importance of proper diet, fluid consumption, exercise and eliminating stress for maintaining ultimate health. However, there are additional ways that we can arm ourselves against the onslaught of harmful viruses which may not be so commonly conveyed:

Vitamin D3 – I am not referring to synthetic D2 found in most supplements and fortified foods which has been shown to be toxic. D3 comes from UV exposure, fish oil, eggs, organ meats and fats.

Although, studies indicate that most of us regularly have low D3 levels, that level declines even more during the flu-season. As a result, our body’s natural antibiotics diminish making us more vulnerable to contracting influenza.

What dosage is right for you? Vitamin D needs vary with age, body weight, body fat, sun exposure, health status, etc. The following wesite is very helpful in determining your needs: One can also order kits at this site for testing D3 levels.

Probiotics - are live microorganisms thought to be healthy for the host organism. Because 80% of our immune system resides in our digestive tract, studies have shown that by building the “friendly” bacteria that naturally reside in our digestive tract we can effectively reduce episodes of flu symptoms.

Probiotics are most often consumed through cultured yogurt with a label which reads, “Live Cultures” or in supplement form. Since it is not wise to trust every label, you can find a list of products that have passed the stringent testing of ConsumerLab at .

Supplemental probiotics are especially necessary if you have been on antibiotics which destroy these helpful organisms.

Herbs - “An ounce of herb is worth a pound of medication”! The following herbs have been proven to be effective immune system builders and antiviral agents:
o Goldenseal
o Garlic
o Ginger
o Astragalus
o Echinacea
o Peppermint

I would especially like to focus on:

o Tulsi (Holy Basil) – one of the most effective adaptogens known. An adaptogen helps the body adjust more efficiently to stress.
 Dosage: infuse 2 teaspoons in 8 oz boiling water twice daily.
o Olive leaf extract – provides protection against a wide variety of viral strains.
 Dosage: 1 dropper full in tea, juice or water twice daily.
o Oregano oil – possibly the most powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal remedy available.
 Dosage: three drops three times per day in one teaspoon of honey, maple syrup, or olive oil.

Our body responds most favorably to herbs if we use them six days a week with a random day or two off.

Although they may have good intentions, medical doctors are trained to prescribe medications for health problems, but are typically ill-informed regarding prevention. Regardless, it isn’t necessary to live in fear over whether to risk the dangers of the vaccines or the viruses. If we are willing to do our homework and take responsibility for our own health, we can avoid most, if not all contagious diseases. I hope this article gives you a good start!


P.S. Please feel free to contact me with questions, thoughts or topics you’d like to ponder.

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