Thursday, August 26, 2010


We recently obtained three precious little “mouse catchers” from our Amish friends. I think they had one of every possible color and combination of colors! The Plank girls lovingly helped us handpick from three litters! I think the girls were having even more fun than we!

We decided upon a black and white one which we’ve named, "Rev." It looks like he is wearing a black shirt with a white “pastor’s” collar. “Laity” seemed to me to be the perfect name for the gray one since he was close to dying. But Gary thinks it sounds like I’m calling this little fella, “Lady.” We’ve considered naming the pretty little calico “Silence,” since traditionally (but wrongly!) “women are to be silent in the church.”

I guess we’ll eventually figure out their names. However, the health of our new little friends became much more important than names when “Laity” developed rapid respirations and wheezing! We had noticed the day before that one of them had vomited a worm.

Often momma cats that have worms will pass worms on to their litter.
If one has worms….they all have worms!

So, I got busy doing some research and discovered that often the worms will pass through the lungs. I knew I needed to act quickly, especially for our little “Laity” friend, but I knew that if I destroyed the worms too quickly this could make matters worse! I kept researching and praying!

My first step was to attempt to strengthen their kidneys so that the waste from the destroyed worms could safely and effectively be eliminated. I did this by giving them parsley tea:
• Cover and cook 2 cups fresh parsley (2/3 cup dried) in 3 cups water for 3 minutes.
• Strain and throw away the parsley.
• Keep 1/2 cup tea in refrigerator and freeze the remainder; thaw as needed.
• Daily mix 1 tsp. parsley tea with 1 tablespoon chicken broth, sprinkle over and mix into their food.

After one week, I continued to supply the parsley tea and began to slowly attack the worms by providing Black Walnut/Wormwood tincture.
This was difficult to calculate for such little ones. I mixed together:
• the smallest possible drop Black Walnut/Wormwood tincture
• 1 teaspoon parsley tea
• 1 tablespoon chicken broth.
Daily, I sprinkled this over and mixed it into their food.

I used precautions when cleaning-up their messes. Their vomit and stools are extremely infectious and worms are often passed on to humans!

After a week of eliminating the worms, the focus needed to be turned to their eggs. Cloves kill worm eggs! However, cloves are very potent! Measuring carefully, I daily mixed:

• one of the smallest drops possible of clove oil (a very small pinch of powdered cloves will work)
• one teaspoon parsley tea
• one drop Black Walnut/Wormwood tincture
• one tablespoon broth.
For one week, I daily sprinkled this over and mixed it into their food.

Now that this regime is completed, I’m working at maintaining parasite free pets by continuing to offer (twice weekly for cats and daily for dogs):
• one teaspoon parsley tea
• one drop Black Walnut/Wormwood Tincture
• 1 drop clove oil (or small pinch of powdered)

**Note: All ingredients are based on amounts for an animal weighing 10 lbs. Yes, a three hundred pound cat would get 30 drops per day, but…. work up to it by increasing by one drop daily! ( is a great resource for the ingredients.

After a few short days of the Black Walnut/Wormwood Tincture “Laity’s” breathing returned to normal. They all look very healthy and are even more playful than when we first brought them home!

Now… we’re back to the difficult challenge of naming them. “The Rev” is a keeper. He seems to know that he’s in charge. However, “Laity” is now full of life and “Silence” is everything but quiet and submissive!


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