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Have you ever been confused about the role of women in the Church? Have you studied Scriptures regarding this issue and come away even more confused from what seems like inconsistency? Have you received the teaching that women are to remain silent, yet felt in your spirit that something just isn’t right about that doctrine?

What’s With Paul and Women? authored by Jon Zens
“allows the reader to see, maybe for the first first time,
how Paul’s instructions in 1 Timothy 2 are consistent with
Jesus’ belief in the full, functional equality of women within the assembly."

– Wade Burleson

Jon Zens is one of few scholars enabled by the Holy Spirit to remove the tainted lenses of traditional interpretation in order to clearly see God’s Truth. It seems that Jon, like Timothy, has been called by God to this place at this time in order to “command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer!” It is obvious that Jon’s goal is love, which comes from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith [1 Tim. 1:3, 5].

Jon’s tender heart toward women, but more importantly, his insatiable hunger for Truth resonates with my heart!

Time and again, through years of counseling, I’ve been honored to witness the Wonderful Counselor lovingly release women from spiritual bondage. However, my heart is greatly burdened that many of these precious women have fallen into the suffocating bondage of false teachings within the church regarding gender issues, choking out the Life so graciously given to them. I would love to place a copy of this liberating studying into their hands!

Jon has obviously done his homework! With Scripture used in its proper context, this study of 1 Tim. 2 offers a broader panoramic view than any I have read. One cannot rightly deny the clear image which Jon paints of the Artemis cult and its tremendous impact on the church in Ephesus. With our lenses cleared of distorted interpretations we are enabled to clearly picture 1 Tim. 2 in this context; our understanding of God’s Kingdom will be changed forever!

"The book you hold in your hands
is comparable to an antidote for a venomous snake bite.
The viper known as
'the doctrine of male authority'
has bitten the church.
The toxin emitted by this errant teaching
affects the Females within our assemblies.
It debilitates their God-given gifts,
denigrates their Spirit-led ministry,
downplays their role as New Covenant priests.
Those of us who have seen the church bitten
need assistance,and help has arrived.
This book will help you suck out the venom of
male only authority within the church . . . .”

- excerpt from the Foreword by Wade Burleson,
pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, Oklahoma:

If you still think the Bible supports male authority over women,
I dare all of this book.
Jon has given us another significant tool
to dismantle the male-centered theology and practice
that has been in the driver's seat far too long."
-- William Paul Young, author, The Shack

My heart leaps with excitement as I consider the freedom soon to be experienced and expressed by our brothers and sisters set free through God’s Truths in What’s with Paul & Women!

What's With Paul & Women? Unlocking the Cultural Background of 1 Timothy 2 by Jon Zens will be released in early April by Ekklesia Press. This book can be pre-ordered for $11.00 postpaid at


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